Jewel Candles!

I was recently contacted by JewelCandle asking if I’d like to review their candles, my answer to which was a resounding YES! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I absolutely love candles, especially in the autumn, and especially when they’ve got a secret, like these gorgeous ones from JewelCandle!


I was so excited when I opened up my very heavy parcel to see not one, not two, but three little packages! I’m only going to show you two in this post, though – can you guess why? (Answer is at the bottom of the post)


The scents I received really couldn’t be more perfect – the larger candle, which holds a ring, is scented with “True Love”, which is a sort of spicy warm rose scent, really gorgeous, and the smaller candle, which holds a pair of earrings, is (terribly) named “Cuddle Candle”, which is actually a really lovely fresh linen scent. Both of these have a good scent throw, even unlit, and don’t smell too artificial (a pet hate of mine). I’m really looking forward to using True Love when the nights get a little colder and darker, but for now I’ve started to burn Cuddle Candle.

The candles themselves are very attractive, in their thick glass containers, and they’re actually pretty big, which is great value. They come with an airtight seal lid – I’m not sure if this serves a candle purpose, but it definitely adds to the quality feel of them.


But that’s not all! There’s something very special about JewelCandles, and that is the surprise they hold: each candle holds a ring or a pair of earrings, which could be worth up to £250! Wrapped in heat-proof foil (and labeled with its worth), each candle’s glittering surprise is entirely random and, from the pictures on the website, super pretty – I can hardly wait to get to mine… I don’t know if I’ll have the patience not to scoop my jewel out with a spoon!



I’m sure that the jewelry is more likely to be at the cheaper end, but I really don’t mind. I think that the concept of these is absolutely fantastic, and even better, they are really great candles in and of themselves. They’d make a particularly good present for a girly friend – and the best part is that they’re very reasonably priced, at £24.95 for the large ring candle, and £16.95 for the smaller earring candle. You’d pay that for a nice candle, let alone a piece of jewellery! You can purchase them over at JewelCandle’s website.

But wait! What happened to that third candle? Keep an eye out tomorrow for a very special anniversary giveaway – it could just be coming to you!

Asha x

PS. Of course, even though these candles were gifted to me for review, my thoughts are my own and nothing in this post is influenced by the JewelCandle company.

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