The Starting Off Project: Week 3, Foundation!

Week Three already! Have you seen weeks one and two of the Starting Off Project? This is an excellent blog series thought up by Steph over at Steph’s Inside Voice, so have a read of my posts, then head off to look at some of the other girls’ posts!

This week, we’re discussing our foundations. I don’t have a large amount of experience with foundation, having worn the wrong colour and type for my skin until about six months ago, but anyway… here’s my views on foundation. 


Why Bother?

As with concealer, if you have flawless skin (which some of you undoubtedly will), you don’t need to bother. Foundation covers up any imperfections in your skin and creates a more even skin tone, hopefully giving you the perfect skin you longed for! 

How to choose?

It’s so, so easy to get foundation wrong, and there will inevitably be a period of trial and error, so I really recommend going to a couple of make up counters (even just No7 in Boots, if you don’t want to go to a high end counter) and getting them to test a couple of colours on your face. From there, it’ll be much easier to work out what shades you need in other ranges – especially if you check it against something like Temptalia’s foundation matrix, which will tell you which shades match up. Swatching on your hand will not give you an accurate representation of the colour of your face – who is the same colour all over?? If you can, swatch on your jawline – and never guess your colour, it’s such a bad idea. I am normally the very lightest shades in foundation, and sometimes even lighter than that!


Here are two foundations swatched on my hand – above is L’Oreal Matte Morphose in Golden Beige (my mum’s, but I used to use this in Sand), and below is Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51. The consistency is very different – you can see how much thicker the mousse is than the liquid, but interestingly, the mousse looks like a better colour match for me. It’s not. It’s about three shades too dark, and the liquid is the perfect colour for me; see how treacherous hand-watching can be?

As well as colours, there are also various different types – liquid, mousse, powder – all with different amounts of “coverage” (how thick it is) and again, it’s a matter of personal opinion. Between the ages of 15 and 20, I used a mousse foundation, because I felt comfortable with more coverage, but realised that my skin is actually pretty good, and a liquid foundation with less coverage suits me much better.

How to do it!

For me, applying foundation is a very simple two-step process. First of all, I take my foundation (currently Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Shade 51) and pump out a little bit onto the back of my hand. One pump is enough for my face, but you might need more or less. Then I simply use my fingers to blend the foundation in all over my face, starting on my cheeks and forehead, and blending out to the edges, focusing on under my eyes. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I really hate my dark under-eye circles, so I like to make sure I take my foundation over my concealer really well so they’re definitely neutralised.

Step two, I sweep a matte powder over my face with a fluffy brush to ‘set’ my foundation and tone down the dewiness. You wouldn’t need to do this step if you were using a matte mousse foundation. I’m currently using Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent Powder, because I am so pale I find it hard to get a good colour match in powder.

And done – no faffing allowed! Foundation for me just makes me feel a bit brighter, like my skin is perfect – I often look quite grey from being tired, and foundation livens my face up and makes me look normal!

I won’t rave too much about the Healthy Mix Serum foundation, although it’s absolutely wonderful and my Holy Grail – if you want to know more, check out my more detailed review here.

What’s your HG foundation? What do you do differently to me? If you’re taking part in the SO project, leave me your links!

I’m probably going to sit next week’s post out, as I never wear bronzer, but I’ll be back talking about blusher in two weeks!

Asha x

24 thoughts on “The Starting Off Project: Week 3, Foundation!

    • Thanks 🙂 You should definitely try it, it seems to suit a surprising number of people! 🙂 I don’t think I’ll want to switch from it for a good long while (unless my skin changes drastically).

  1. My holy grail foundations (yes, I have two!) are the Chanel Matte foundation (can’t remember the exact name but they only have one matte foundation in their range!) and Illamasqua Skin Base. Both make skin look airbrushed and perfect, I’m never without one or the other. It’s funny because I have very pale skin, but it’s olive toned so I have trouble finding foundation that doesn’t make me look orange, or sallow. Illamasqua cater for literally EVERY skin shade possible 🙂 x

    • So many tempting things from Illamasqua! I can’t work out if I have yellow or pink undertones, I think with my technically Mediterranean skin (pale olive sounds a lot like me!) I should be yellow, but I prefer foundation that looks pink… Argh! Next time I’m in London I definitely need to get doing some Illamasqua swatching 🙂

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