The Battle Of: The Freebie Moisturisers!

Today I’m going to be doing mini reviews of two freebies I received with magazines over the summer – Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix, with Cosmopolitan in August, and REN Moroccan Rose Body Cream, with Harper’s Bazaar in June. I’ll be ranking them both on several categories, and crowning one my favourite body lotion of the summer!


First up, Nip + Fab’s Dry Leg Fix!


A light, spicy-ish smell that I can’t quite describe, but I do quite like. It doesn’t hang around for too long or interfere with moisture. ★★★


Quite thick for a body lotion; rubs in quite quickly but needs a fair amount of time before you’re dry to put your clothes on! ★★★


Leaves my skin silky-soft, but sometimes isn’t enough for my skin. Good for a morning top up rather than an evening pamper. ★★★


£10.25 for 100ml. Pretty pricy – more per ml than even Body Shop butter! ★★★

Total: 12 stars out of 20.



Rose! Yay, rose. This is a nice one, quite musky rather than sweet. ★★★★★


Thinner and waterier than I normally like – more of a lotion than a cream, but it soaks in nice and quickly, and I’ll admit it’s nice to be able to put jeans on straight away! ★★★


Quite light – not really heavy-duty enough for my dry legs, so I either do two rounds or just use it on my top half. ★★★


£26 for 200ml – yeesh! Maybe if I become a millionaire! ★★

Total: 13 stars out of 20.

P1020535Nip + Fab above, REN below.

The overall outcome? REN, despite its crazy price, pips Nip + Fab to first place! I guess I’m just a sucker for a rose scent. If the scores seem low, it’s likely to be due to my dislike of thin body lotions, but don’t get me wrong, if you like a lighter moisturiser, these are both really nice!

What do you think of this kind of post? Would you like to see more? Let me know what your HG body lotion is!

Asha x

5 thoughts on “The Battle Of: The Freebie Moisturisers!

  1. I LOVE magazine freebies! I also really love anything with a rose scent, so looking forward to trying the REN lotion some time. I’m already looking forward to this year’s free L’Occitane hand cream (I think it’s normally the October or November edition of Marie Claire) and I really really really hope that they have the rose one again, it’s the best! Have you tried that one?

    • Ps. I mean the shea butter one by L’Occitane — I’ve also tried the other rose one (with the small rose oil “pearls” in it), but I prefer the shea butter rose hand cream 🙂

      • Oops! I completely forgot I hadn’t replied to this yet, sorry!

        I absolutely adore the L’Occitane shea butter hand creams – I’m currently using the Rose Petals one from last year’s summer gift set 🙂 Is that the one you mean, or is there a rose shea one in the normal range? I’d love that!

        I didn’t know the freebies were a regular thing, that’s wonderful! Can’t wait! Thanks for letting me know 😀

        • Yes I meant the Rose Petals one 🙂 That one is my favourite ever, it is so rich and smells amazing! The one that I’m less fond of is the L’Occitane Rose de Champs one. It does smell great but it is nowhere near as rich and lovely as the Rose Petals shea butter cream. So fingers crossed that it will be a freebie again this year!

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