New (Look) Satchel!

Is anyone else kind of glad that autumn’s crashed in? Autumn is definitely my favourite season to dress for – burgundys, dark greens, teals, browns and greys can creep back into my wardrobe, and so can my amazing collection of boots and scarves! I’ve been longing to put the floaty bird-print things back in the cupboard and return to damask, suede, wool and other heavier prints and fabrics…

Autumn also brings the start of term (although not for another month), and while returning to Oxford doesn’t have the same sort of stationery-fuelled Back To School madness, it does awaken some sort of primal school-start longing for satchels in my heart. I don’t know why. I didn’t ever have a satchel for school!

Today, the combined powers of burgundy, baroque and satchels overcame me, and I just had to bring this little beauty home:



Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a really good size: slightly too small for my Macbook, but plenty big enough for my oversized purse, a lipstick, and a paperback, which is all I’ll need if I choose to take this as a smaller bag! The inside is a slightly sheeny nylon in raspberry pink, which if slightly cheap-looking, at least looks fairly hard-wearing. It isn’t overly blessed with pockets, but the little phone pocket actually fits an iPhone, which I wasn’t expecting.


As I say, I’ve been idly looking for a satchel for a couple of weeks, and very nearly decided to buy this cute woodland one from Paperchase, but fell absolutely in love with the intricate tooling on this one!



I also love the cute gold double twist buckle, and the very long strap (long enough to go diagonally over my body and let the bag sit below my hip!).P1020560


The assistant said that these were new this afternoon, and I can’t find it on the New Look website, so I think I might even be ahead of the game with this! The label says it’s called the ‘Stratford Tooling Satchel’, so it might be worth keeping your eye on their website over the next couple of days if you like the look of it.


Best of all, it was only Β£20 (Β£22.99 RRP, but I’m always there with my student discount)!

I love my new satchel – what do you think?

Asha x


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