Little Lush Retro Haul

I have lovely friends. Lovely friends who go to Poole and buy me lovely goodies from the Lush Retro shop!


For those of you who don’t know, as well as the current products stocked in Lush stores, Lush also has a range called Retro, which are discontinued items that have been brought back, but which are only available online or in their Poole HQ store. There are some permanent Retro bits, and some limited edition ones, so if you have a discontinued favourite, it’s worth checking their website from time to time. There are so many Retro bits on my wishlist!

Firstly, look at the colour of that shower gel! Freeze is a pepperminty blue gel with a hint of orange that warms it up and stops it from being too toothpaste-y… In other words, it smells like Ice Blue! My dear departed soapy friend has been returned to me in shower gel form (albeit a hard-to-get and limited edition shower gel form)! This makes me very very happy.

Next to it is a huge beast of a bath bomb – this is a Ne Worry Pas. It smells of Parma violets. It is beautiful. I’m torn between using this one up straight away and saving it forever… These two products I’ve had on my wishlist for a while, and when I heard that a friend was going down to Poole, I was thrilled when she said she’d pick them up for me – thank you so much, Floss!

Then just at the front is a big piece of Queen of Hearts soap – this was a surprise present from a different friend, and it is AMAZING. It smells like roses and violets and is a gentle soap just perfect for washing your face with in the shower. Miranda, you have answered my face wash dreams! It doesn’t really lather, just melts, which is perfect for a face-bubble-hater like me (bye bye Garnier Essentials), and it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, not stripped (unlike Fresh Farmacy) and that smell is gorgeous (no more Aqua Marina tuna)! I can’t wait to get using this and do a proper review.

So those are my gorgeous little hard-to-get Lush Retro goodies – have I tempted you into making an order? I really want to try the Whoosh temple balm and the Happy bubble bar…

Asha x


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