Shopping My Stash #2!

Did you see last week’s post, where I explained the concept of stash shopping? Well, I like a bit of variety in my routines, so I’ll be switching up my beauty products every week from now on, and showing you what I’ll be using!


Last week I didn’t really get into shower products in my stash shopping, but this week, let’s go for it! I’ll be trying out the Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo and conditioner, which I had a sample of in a magazine recently and adored. I really like Herbal Essences haircare, plus honey is a favourite of mine, and so is a very thick shampoo formula – so this ticks a lot of boxes for me! I’ll team this with the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, which I got a sample of with InStyle, and which already has my adoration – despite the high price tag, this little beauty will be a definite staple for me now I know how soft and manageable it makes my hair!

More magazine samples take us out of hair care – Balance Me Super Toning body wash smells absolutely gorgeous, and is just a little 50ml sample, so should last me until the beginning of term, meaning I don’t have to move a wet, half-empty bottle! I’m really looking forward to using this. For my face, I’ll be using Lush Queen of Hearts soap, a really beautiful rose-scented mild facial soap, which should hopefully be a perfect medium between Aqua Marina (great, but stinky) and Fresh Farmacy (too stripping for my skin, but nice to use).


In terms of skincare, it’s back to basics for me. I’ll be using The Body Shop Moroccan Rose body butter on my body, to combat my skin’s initial reaction to the cold weather (hint: it doesn’t like it), and returning to my old favourite Johnson’s Daily Essentials Hydrating 24 hour day cream to soothe my face in the mornings – it’s having a bit of a hissy fit at the moment, so I’m going back to this tried-and-tested cream. Something a bit new for night-time, though: I’m trialling Lush Skin’s Shangri-La moisturiser, which is very heavy. I’m keeping it as a night cream, as it’s a bit rich for day.


Make up! I love this Urban Decay mini palette, but it’s been a little overshadowed by Naked and Smoked recently, and I thought it was time to let it shine again. It’s got a good mix of colours and neutrals, but everything is a little bit glittery, so I’ll see how I get on for daywear! I’ll be teaming that with the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner, which is a nice simple black felt tip liner – easy to use, and nice and basic. A pop of colour to my cheeks with Bourjois LIttle Round pot in Rose Ambré (a little overshadowed by Cendre de Rose Brune recently), and for my lips Collection Colour Pout in Pucker, a bright deep plum. To top everything off, Lush Imogen Rose perfume – well, if my other products smell of roses, why not continue the theme?

And of course, make up’s not my only stash…

P1020610This week I’ll be continuing to read Vanished Kingdoms, which is wonderful, and starting three new books.

Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey – the sequel to Kushiel’s Dart, this is bound to be full of court intrigue and beautiful writing.

The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle – this was lent to me by a friend, who said it wasn’t great, but I do like an Elizabethan spy romp, so I’ve got moderately high hopes for this!

Gillespie and I by Jane Harris – my mum lent me this book with no explanation, but from the blurb it seems like a good read. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

I think I’ve got some real goodies in my stash-basket this week – what do you think? Could you do this chopping and changing all the time, or do you prefer to have one thing on the go at a time?

Asha x







11 thoughts on “Shopping My Stash #2!

    • It must be so frustrating for you to see new releases you can’t get in Japan… Are you finding good Japanese stuff to counterbalance it?
      It is definitely worth picking up next time you’re here, if you like a thick formula in shampoo and conditioner, both are very moisturising 🙂
      I usually end up finishing off things like hair care and skin creams, but this week they just all happened to finish up so I could choose new ones! I won’t switch those out next week, but keep going til they’re gone 🙂

  1. Honey smells are my absolute favourite (as a beekeeper!) so I’d love to try Bee Strong. I think if I tried this I’d end up with huge boxes of half empty products that I’d never quite finish off… how do you avoid this!?

    Also I would love to borrow your book stash. By the wheelbarrowful.

    • Like I say, I don’t usually switch up haircare or skincare in the middle of products – this just happened to be the week for my shampoo, conditioner and body wash to run out, so I thought I’d show off my new things! Skincare wise, my skin was a little off last week, so I’m returning to my staples (which I keep in stock for just that reason). So just one half-empty day cream to be returned to when my skin stops going ‘noooo I hate the cold’ 😛
      I do have several half-empty body moisturisers, but I like to mix and match lighter and heavier things as my skin needs/depending on what scent I fancy, so I don’t mind that! Ditto for make up and perfume – definitely want to have lots of things on the go for variety! 😀
      Bee Strong is gorgeous 🙂 And if you want me to bring any books up for you to borrow next term, let me know 🙂 Although I can’t bring a wheelbarrowfull, I’m afraid 😛

  2. That’s a really cool concept! It’s like a weekly favourites post rather than monthly. Really like the look of your make up collection, found some exciting looking products in that picture. Haha, magazine freebies are great ways to discover good products and brands 🙂 x

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I don’t tend to do favourites posts because I am so split between absolute never-change staples (like my foundation) and things I switch up all the time (like lip products)… I like this way of doing it 🙂
      And I love magazine freebies! 🙂

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