The Battle Of: The Lush Face Scrubs!


A tiny face-off today! I’ll be comparing two facial exfoliators from Lush that I’ve been trialling recently.  I should point out that I have very easygoing skin and prefer a harsh scrub (gentle ones do nothing for me) so my opinions of these products may not be the same as yours if you have more sensitive skin… So let the battle begin!


In the red corner, Ocean Salt!


Do you like mojitos? Then you’ll like this scrub – it’s limey and salty and vodka-y and actually rather nice. It’s not too overwhelming, but you can definitely smell it as soon as you open the pot. Very refreshing! ★★★★


Quite a wet paste, with very thick coarse grains of salt. It’s very easy to pick up enough product, and it’s not liquid enough to go everywhere, just liquid enough to spread well over your face. It’s very harsh. Actually, I find this slightly too scrubby for my face, and I’m a daily user of St Ives Apricot Scrub, which is known for being harsh. ★★★


This is a hugely effective exfoliator! Leaves your skin feeling nice and soft without being at all oily or filmy. Loses a point for being a bit too harsh – I think a lot of people wouldn’t be able to use it, which makes it not very effective! ★★★★


At £7.25 for 100g, this is more than I would pay for a scrub, but it’s not unreasonable if you get on with it, as you only need a tiny bit at a time, and it’s super effective. ★★★

Total: 14 out of 20 stars.


In the blue corner, Herbalism!


This smells a bit like vinegar and a bit like nettles. It’s not particularly nice, but it’s not unbearable. It’s similar to BB Seaweed mask, if you’ve tried that. I’d rather a floral or fruity scent, but the herbs kind of work. ★★★


Oh, this is a strange one. It’s solid in the pot, looking like a ground herb rather than a skincare product! Once you pick up a bit and wet it, it turns into a sort of paste, which is easier to work with. It doesn’t feel scrubby to me, though, and it’s awfully messy – I find there’s a lot of pilling on the skin, which wastes so much product! ★


Nope. Doesn’t do anything for me. It’s too gentle to make me feel as though I’ve actually exfoliated! Sensitive skins may be much better off with this. ★


Again, I think £6.35 is too much for a scrub anyway, but I definitely don’t think this one is worth it for me. ★★

Total: 7 stars out of 20.


So the winner is…. Ocean Salt, with a clear majority! In fact, Ocean Salt has pretty much whupped Herbalism’s arse. Although people with sensitive skins might find a nice gentle exfoliator in Herbalism, for me a scrub’s gotta scrub, and boy does Ocean Salt scrub. Having said that, I don’t think I’ll be picking up either of these Lush scrubs – St Ives remains my holy grail scrub, and it’s a lot softer on the purse too!

Have you tried either of these? What’s your favourite face scrub?

Asha x


11 thoughts on “The Battle Of: The Lush Face Scrubs!

  1. I really wanted to try the Ocean Salt scrub so I went into Lush today and I actually couldn’t find it! I don’t know if I just didn’t look hard enough or it’s not a product that they sell here but I was really disappointed haha. This is a great review 🙂

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