Tiny Body Shop Haul!

I went on a very short impromptu shopping trip today to make use of a fantastic voucher I saw on the VoucherCode website – a completely free 30ml hand cream! I’d hope anyone who’s read even one post on this blog would know that I can’t resist either the Body Shop or rose scents, so I was straight down there to get hold of Wild Rose cream for myself!


You’ve probably also seen all over the internet that the new Body Shop range, Honeymania, was released earlier this week, so I had to get some of that loveliness.


I’ve tried this several times in store and loved it, but hand cream generally isn’t top of my to-buy list, so I’ve never actually purchased it before. I’m very glad I got some with this offer, though, as it’s absolutely beautiful! It smells of real roses, rather than that slightly musky rose scent that many products have – this is like sticking your face in a big blousey rose, and it’s wonderful. It’s not as thick as I would normally like, but that’s forgiven because it sinks in so quickly and well. L’Occitane, you might have a rival!


And of course, how could I leave without trying out something from Honeymania? Honey is my third favourite scent for beauty products (after rose and peach), and this new range doesn’t disappoint. A gorgeous honey smell and the usual high standard of Body Shop products means that I’m definitely going to be picking more from this range up if I ever see it in the sale or feel particularly flush… For now, though, I contented myself with the lip balm (although I already have slightly too many Body Shop lipbalms). I can see this being a total staple this autumn – it’s a great texture, and smells incredible.

Are you going to be taking advantage of the hand cream offer? There’s four different creams to choose from (Rose, Absinthe, Hemp and Almond) so even if rose doesn’t float your boat, you could still find something great. And what do you think of the Honeymania range? I really want the body butter and bath melt!

Asha x


19 thoughts on “Tiny Body Shop Haul!

  1. The bath melt looks incredible! I actually only have a shower so there isn’t a point in buying it but a girl can dream. Love the packaging on this.

  2. I am a big fan of honey scents, being a beekeeper, but when I went eagerly to sniff all the new Body Shop things I was quite disappointed – I found them quite weak and bland and sugary rather than a light but rich piercing floral-sweet smell i.e. not what I would consider a true honey scent. I want my honey scents to be almost edible and as such I think I’ll be sticking with Lush It’s Raining Men/Honey I Washed The Kids for my bath stuff! However I want a honey perfume so much that I might cave and get the eau de toilette anyway… though I think I should avoid wearing it at home so as not to upset the bees. Hopefully my recent cold skewed my impression and next time I’ll be blown away!

    • I think the general consensus is that they don’t smell as true honey-ish as they could, but I love the smell anyway! (All I get from HIWTK is toffee – amazing, but not very honey-ish 🙂 )

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