Nails of the Day: Jessica Nails Gorgeous Garter Belt

It’s been a while since I’ve considered my nails in good enough condition to paint, but they’re finally just getting long enough that I can bear to see them coloured! With all the grey light at the moment, I was feeling ready for a pop of colour, but still lusting after the darkened jewel tones that autumn seems to call for, and I knew I had the perfect thing: Jessica Nails Gorgeous Garter Belt, a deep, rich peony pink. It’s much more sophisticated than the terrible name would suggest.

Anyway, enough talking, on with the pictures!





This is one of my favourite polishes – I don’t like pink nails, generally, but this is such a gorgeous deep pink that I can’t resist it! And I think it’s perfect for the start of autumn. It’s basically a gateway polish to full on deep purples and burgundies!

Do you change up your polish with the season? Which autumn polishes are you loving?

Asha x


4 thoughts on “Nails of the Day: Jessica Nails Gorgeous Garter Belt

  1. I do like to change my nail polish with the season and I’ve been seeing so many dark shades from Northern Hemispherey bloggers that are so lovely but it’s not the right season! I’ve been using a lot of bright colours because it’s Spring. I love the shade of this nail polish on you though!

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