The Starting Off Project, Week 5: Blush!

It’s week 5 of Steph’s Starting Off Project! Go here for my take on skincare, concealer, and foundation (I didn’t take part last week, because I don’t own any bronzer!) This week, we’re talking blushes!


Why bother?

Well, I love blush, so I’d say that you should just bother because it’s pretty! But in sensible terms, blush adds a bit of colour to your cheeks, which can be helpful if you feel your foundation leaves your skin looking flat. I find that blush is a much more flattering way to add something to my face than bronzer, because I’m so pale, but there are blushes for every skintone! No one really needs blush, but it can make for some very pretty make up, so it’s worth giving it a go.


From left to right: Benetint, Bourjois Rose Ambre, Sleek Rose Gold, & Other Stories Applebloom Pink.

How to do it!

Grab a blush that you like the look of, to start with. As you can see from the swatches above, I favour a blush with pink tones, rather than red, brown, or coral tones, because I’m very pale with dark hair, and anything non-pink tends to stand out a bit too much on my face. You’re not going for obvious circles on your cheeks, but something that looks natural against your skin, like you’re actually blushing (the clue’s in the name). Other colours might suit you better – go to Boots or Superdrug, and spend a few minutes swatching on the inside of your wrist. It should be obvious which colours look nice, or too pale, or too strong.


There are a few different kinds of blush. There’s powder, cream/mousse, and liquid, much like foundation, but there are also solid sticks like the Revlon Baby Stick that you can use as a cheek tint. I tend to stick with powder blushes, but also like Benefit’s Benetint, which is a liquid with a little brush applicator. With this, you simply unscrew the cap, and dab a very tiny amount from the brush onto your cheeks. This really goes a long way, and so do most of the liquid tints I’ve seen. That swatch above is from a tiny dot of liquid, and the colour it’s come out would be way too dark for my face – blending is key. I just use my fingers to blend Benetint, because I can’t work out how I would move the liquid with a brush! Blend until you can’t see any edges. Be prepared to try again if you use too much.



Powder blushes are much easier to use! Grab your blush, grab a big fluffy brush, sweep it across the powder, and then across your cheeks. Remember, less is more! Use a light hand. I usually apply my blush with a smaller brush than I use for my setting powder, but then I use the setting powder brush to buff out the excess colour from my cheeks and blend even further. You can always add more blush, but you can’t take it away, so go light and small to begin with, and remember to blend, blend, blend to avoid the clown look!

So, what do you think? I think blush is one of the easiest parts of my make up routine.

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Asha x




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