Review: Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer


I’ve only just realised that I’ve never reviewed this little beauty for you! I hauled it, and it’s appeared in a couple of skincare posts, but I’ve not told you just how I feel it about it. While it’s not the one and only love of my life, the Express Hydration Primer is the sort of friend you’d call after a breakup, or turn up at their door at any hour for a pillow fight and girly movie… Slightly creepy anthropomorphism aside, this little gel moisturiser is a wonderful addition to anyone’s skincare regime – it’s comforting, light, and super easy to use.


I will admit that I was initially slightly disappointed by this product as I was looking for a replacement for my Benefit Porefessional. Let me say straight away: this is not that kind of primer. Really, this is a moisturiser. But it is a priming moisturiser, rather than a moisturising primer.

Once I’d gotten over that, I realised that this was actually a skincare tool that fit perfectly into my arsenal!


This is a lightweight gel that somehow manages to moisturise your skin in about two seconds, leaving your face soft and perfectly prepped for foundation and other make up. That sticky wet feeling you get with other moisturiser? Non-existent. The speed that this sinks in with makes it a perfect get-ready-and-go option for mornings when you don’t have much time to moisturise and then prime on top.

It also smells lovely – really fresh and sweet, although I can’t pinpoint anything in particular because I’m terrible at describing product smells. Best of all, it’s only £4.99, and often on offer! In terms of its priming ability, I haven’t really noticed that it makes my make-up stay on longer than usual, but it does make a difference in terms of application. It’s much easier to apply foundation evenly on top of skin prepped with this, compared to normal moisturiser.

There are only two cons as far as I can see – firstly, the slightly misleading name (not what I would consider a primer), and secondly, that it might not be moisturising enough for some people’s skins. There is a different formulation for dry skin, though, which might be helpful.

Have you tried the Express Hydration Primer, or anything similar? Do you bother with a priming step?

Asha x

4 thoughts on “Review: Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

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