We Have A Winner!

It’s that day, finally – the giveaway is over and a winner is chosen! Thanks so much to everyone who entered! Without further ado, the winner is: Jess of Unstitched and Fabulous!
Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 11.38.13

Congratulations to Jess! To everyone else that entered, I’m sorry – but stay tuned, there may well be a prize for you in a couple of months. I wish I had the budget to send you all something!


Your pretties will be on their way to you soon, Jess!

Asha x


7 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!

  1. Hi! Can I ask you something that has nothing to do with beauty? Ho did you add rafflecopter on wordpress? I’ve tried it once and I couldn’t. Then I read somewhere that it wasn’t possible…Please, could you help me with this???

    You could reply here or with a mail at makeupvibes (@)gmail .com
    Thank you!

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