I Might Have a Lip Balm Problem…


I… seem to have quite a few lip balms.

I really like lip balm and I always have one on me, in my pocket, in my bag, in the car, wherever. Even so, I think it might take me a while to get through these!

P1020960These little cuties are halfway between balm and gloss, and they smell as incredible as they are cute! The blue one is mint, the yellow one is vanilla, the silver is cinnamon apple (amazing) and the pink one is strawberry. I have a grey one (chocolate orange) and a gold one (caramel) as well, but they’re tucked in pockets somewhere… You can buy these hereP1020974

These Nivea balms are my standard grab and go balms – no fuss, and simple to apply. The Soothe and Protect has no flavour, the Pearly Shine has a sort of sherbert flavour, and the Soft Rosé one is rose-flavoured. I would recommend any Nivea balm except the Pearly Shine, which leaves a shimmery white cast on my lips – I can’t imagine it would suit anyone!

P1020978This beautiful shell actually has a lip balm inside, which I’m using very sparingly as I don’t want it to be finished! It makes me feel like a mermaid when I use it – and even better, the shells are natural and the lip balm is completely organic. Take a look at the Shell Lip Balm website to see other gorgeous designs!


Two of my more recent finds here, although both already beloved. The Burts Bees lip balm has a pretty floral honey scent and is very thick and moisturising, which will be lovely for colder weather, and the Body Shop Born Lippy Plum lip balm (which I got free with a Vouchercode a couple of months ago) is a very nice tinted balm with the most gorgeous fruity scent.



In fact… I really love the Born Lippy balms. I have five, but only because one was free about a year ago (good old Vouchercodes again) and the others were on a better and better offer the more you bought, so they ended up being just over a pound each. These are my favourites for keeping by my desk.



And then these, which you’ve seen me rave about recently (Honeymania, Dragonfruit). I love love love the texture of the Body Shop lip butters – they’re like body butter for your lips (duh). And it helps that these smell divine too!

What do you think, Doc? Can I be cured? (Does anyone else have this unreasonable a stash?)

Asha x





35 thoughts on “I Might Have a Lip Balm Problem…

  1. The owl ones are super cute! However I always stick with Burt’s Bees as I feel that any other brand I’ve tried dries my lips out even more! My favourite is the pomegranate one, it’s sweetish but not chemically sweet and has a hint of a tint. The best discovery that I made in the past year is Burt’s Bees lip shimmer! Although the name suggests something different, it is actually something between a lipstick and a lip balm. I even wear it on a night out, as the colour is really quite rich and the next day my lips feel really soft instead of dry and flakey. So if you ever run out of lip balm, give it a go 🙂

    • Haha, a bit of a sad victory though, since it makes me look so obsessive 😛 Good luck with the ban! I always forget how long they take to use up (especially when I’m thinking ‘oh, it’s only a little thing’ in the shop :P)

  2. It’s not just you! I have so many because I always lose them, justify buying more, and then find them again! I would love to try the Body Shop Dragonfruit one or the Korres brand.

  3. Also if you love peach flavours/scents you might like Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Peach Kiss (available in Boots) – a sort of buttery stick, faintly shimmery and good enough to eat.

    • After all that hype, I saw a lot of reviews of the Baby Lips balms saying that they weren’t actually that great – I do think they’re expensive! Still, I am a sucker for peach, so might end up getting one anyway…

  4. Ok, I’m glad I’m not the only one with a problem. It’s bad enough how tempting LUSH products are. I seem to be working my way through the whole store. But lip balm… I seem to buy every single lip balm I see. I think I have more than you, which is clearly not healthy. Is it just me or do you feel the need to reapply your lip balm and sniff it every 10 minutes?! Honestly, lip balm is a drug for me!
    Great post by the way, I really enjoyed seeing your collection!x

  5. Oh my, that’s not a problem. At one point I could reach into any pocket in any coat, purse, pair of pants, shirt, husband’s pocket or random stranger off the street’s pocket and find a lip balm. I did a purge many years ago and found about 20 I had ZERO knowledge of. Turns out I like the idea of lip balm more than I actually like it!

    Very nice blog, by the way. We share a theme, so of course you have excellent taste! 😉

    • Haha, yes, it’s been eye-opening how much you actually need to use a lip balm to finish it! 😀 I definitely used to have more than this – one thing about being a teenage girl seems to be that lip balm is one of the default stocking fillers and small presents 😛
      And thank you 🙂

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