Review: Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and Conditioner

had to have this shampoo and conditioner scent as soon as I heard about it – I’m a big Herbal Essences fan, and a big honey fan, and my hair is still very damaged from two-year-old bleach. This couldn’t be more made for me, and I have not been disappointed. I love Bee Strong!


Now, the bad blogger in me wanted to use these straight away, so I don’t have nice clean untouched bottles in this photo. But I just couldn’t resist! All the while I was using it, I was thinking ‘yes, this ticks all my boxes’ – by the way, does anyone else find that beauty blogging makes you analyse things so much while you’re using them?!

Boxes it had to tick:

Price – Yes, the first thing I look at in haircare is the price. About £3 a bottle is my upper limit (although I love Aussie, I never buy it full price), and I know that Herbal Essences is pretty much permanently on half price offers. Perfect.

Smell – Bee Strong smells lovely. It has that gorgeous Herbal Essences floral base, with just a hint of honey. It’s not a pure honey smell, and that might disappoint some, but it is very very nice, so have a sniff.

Hair-feel – Yeah, that’s a rubbish name for a category, sorry. But I’m sure you know what I mean: a product has to feel nice while you’re using it. The shampoo doesn’t tangle my hair up when I wash it out, and the conditioner leaves it feeling really silky and easy to comb through (impressive on my birds nest!). I like the creamy consistency of the shampoo, much better than a runny gel! The conditioner is also lovely, almost as thick as a treatment rather than a normal conditioner!

Effects – My hair feels bouncy and soft after use, and is perfectly manageable without any of my other normal necessities (Elasticiser, Lush R&B, endless serums). It stays clean for around two days, which is pretty good.

So I’m pretty thrilled with these – have you tried them? What do you think?

Asha x


20 thoughts on “Review: Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. This sounds looovely! Are they very heavy on the hair? We’ve nearly run out of shampoo in the house and I’m pondering something new!
    Gillian xxx

    • I’m not really sure – it must be quite heavy to deal with my hair so well, but it doesn’t feel like there’s any residue or anything (in fact I have quite a lot of volume, rather than it being flat)… sorry! That was probably the least helpful reply ever 😛

  2. I was also contemplating trying it, but I wasn’t sure. I used to LOVE Herbal Essences (especially the pink one but they’ve changed it to something that I’m not that fond of), but I have switched to Aussie which is my new absolute love (Shine is the best smelling shampoo ever, and the one for long hair is also great!). But I might give it a go after reading your review 🙂

    • Ps. Remember the old-old Herbal Essences? 🙂 Before they changed to the bottles that they have now, the pink one used to be a rose-y one, it was absolutely amazing! I feel like an old lady now, reminiscing about her first shampoo-love 🙂

      • I think they changed over just about the time I was starting to buy shampoo for myself, so I never really got to try the old style! Such a shame I missed the rose one… The new pink HE (colour ignite?) says it is rose, but it isn’t 😦

    • Oh, I do adore Aussie, especially the scent! But it’s nice to know I love something in the next price range down, too, so I don’t feel short changed if I’m, well, short on change 😛

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  4. Ohh I really want to get this! Aftet I saw the commercial with Nicole Scherzinger I was so curious! Im using the hair-thickening shampoo by elvive right now but just for the smell Im gonna get this line!

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