It’s Christmas! (At Lush, anyway – Lush Christmas Haul)


I’m back in Oxford! I arrived back yesterday, unpacked, had tea with Boyfriend, and then was physically dragged into Lush by my friend, who wanted to show me all the Christmas things and had made me promise to avoid spoilers until she could show me! So yesterday afternoon was a bit of a crazy wintery wonderland, and, well, just look at the size of that bag! (I included my iPhone 4 for reference – it’s flipping huge!)

Firstly, I bought some individual bits and pieces. I’ve been a bit backwards and bought things from the Christmas range before Halloween items! I will be getting one of each of the Halloween bits, but my shop was out of Soot Balls, and had only really crumbly Pumkins, so I’m waiting for the new delivery on Wednesday. Sorry for order-fail!


I had enough black pots to swap for a new face mask, which was luck, because I’d just finished mine all up! I got my usual Catastrophe Cosmetic, since my skin’s stopped its oily little hissy fit. (Interesting and slightly gross fact – I’ve been avoiding face photos all summer, because I had a big horrible spot on my cheek for like four months. Turns out it was actually an insect sting that got stuck in my face, but now it’s out, it’s healing nicely and I should be okay for photos in about a week.)


Penguin! How cute is this little guy? He’s scented with orange flower and mandarin oil, but there’s something a little musky or spicy in there that makes this a really gorgeous wintry orange, rather than the bright sunny orange of, say Easter’s Brightside bubble bar. I don’t know how I’m going to manage breaking up that cute little face! These retail for £2.95, which is pretty good for a bubble bar (it’s a bit bigger than Amandopondo,  but not as big as a Comforter).


Secret Santa – In the shop itself, this doesn’t smell of anything. But take it outside, and a whole Lush shop comes to life! This bath ballistic is scented with HQ perfume, which was created to mimic the effect of being in Lush shop – it doesn’t smell of any one thing in particular, but it does just somehow work. Boyfriend always says to me ‘that just smells like Lush’ when he smells most Lush products, so I kind of had to get this one. It’s really expensive for a bath bomb, at £5.75, but if you can cut it, there’s a surprise mini bomb inside the shell, so you should get at least two, probably three baths out of it.


…We might have decided to be a bit extravagant and split one of the massive boxes. The Getting Ziggy With It box retails for £42.95, and has an amazing selection of products in it, which my friend and I split almost half and half (I ended up with slightly more, but I owe her a drink or two).  The terrible thing is that I was allowed to unpack it to photograph it, but I had to repack it until she could come over and we could go through it together! So I have a bit of a wait before I can use anything!

She took:

Karma soap, Lord of Misrule bath bomb, Star Light Star Bright bath melt, and Grass shower gel. I actively dislike Karma and Grass, but I really want to get myself a Lord of Misrule before they disappear after Halloween. It’s a herby, spicy sort of scent – perfect for autumn! Star Light Star Bright is a really pretty lime and coconut bath melt, but my god does it just get glitter on everything. In the shop they were warning people not to pick one up. I did, and had to wash my hands twice to get all the glitter off!

And here are my little lovelies!


Noriko soap is a pretty rose and ylang ylang soap – it’s got quite a soft texture, akin to Sultana of Soap, so I think it will be quite a quick melty one,  but it smells amazing. I’m really glad there’s a more floral soap again, even if it is limited editon – I’m gutted I missed Willow Pattern at Valentine’s Day, it would have been perfect for me. Noriko is more ylang ylang than rose, but it’s still lovely.


I didn’t realise how dusty my bottle of Ponche was when I was taking photos! I wonder if this shower gel has been reformulated since last year, ’cause I really didn’t rate it, but this year I think it’s amazing. It’s listed as orange and tequila, but it’s so much warmer and sweeter than that – I can’t wait to get stuck into this one on a cold winter’s day.


I haven’t been the biggest fan of FUN so far, but this Christmas gold FUN version is scented with Honey I Washed the Kids, one of my favourite Lush scents. I think I will probably use this mostly as bubble bath – HIWTK bathtime? Yes please!


This mini pot of Celebrate body lotion is so wonderful! It is a sort of lime scent, but with an alcoholic kick – smells like Christmas desserts all rolled in to one, but somehow it remains fresh and not too overpoweringly sweet. I love the brandy butter note, and can’t wait to use this. (My friend picked up a full-size of this, so doesn’t feel too short changed!)


Sunnyside bubble bar isn’t a Christmas limited edition, but it fits perfectly with the Christmassy theme, with its gold glitter and sweet citrus scent. I’ve always wanted one of these, but neither my Dad nor Boyfriend were keen on my having too glittery products in their bathtubs – now I have my very own tub, so it’s glitter ahoy!


And finally, a big ol’ Dragon’s Egg bath bomb. Also part of the permanent range, this is an old favourite of mine, with jasmine, bergamot, and lots of floating rice paper ‘scales’. Yay!

I will of course be stocking up on my returning Christmas favourites – Cinders, So White, and Christmas Eve – as well as grabbing some more of the new Christmas stock. I fancy a Bombardino, Shoot for the Stars, and perhaps the Santa Baby lip scrub and tint? And of course, there’s Halloween products to pick up too! I’m gutted that a couple of my favourite Christmas bits haven’t returned – I’m glad I stocked up on Midnight Massage bars in the sale last year, but I’m wishing I’d picked up more of the white North Pole soap, which was so lovely.

What do you fancy from the Limited Edition Halloween and Christmas ranges at Lush?

Asha x


25 thoughts on “It’s Christmas! (At Lush, anyway – Lush Christmas Haul)

    • Cinders is one of my all-time favourites – one I stock up on in the Boxing Day sale to stash for all year round! There’s been some trouble with Soot Balls, they’re not in all the shops, but you should have the other bits, that’s a little strange… 😦

      • Haven’t seen anything yet in the City store and in another store in a shopping mall. We’re not really a country that celebrates Halloween as much as other countries but other stores have released Halloween stuff so it’s a bit confusing haha.

        • Oh, that’s such a shame! Although, really, the Pumkin is just a differently shaped, orange Dorothy, so you could get away with that! Is there Rose Jam shower gel in store? I think that’s become part of the Halloween range…

  1. The Sunnyside bar is my favourite Lush bath thing, but I am only allowed to use it at home on the condition that I clean the bath properly afterwards… HIWTK Fun bar sounds delish!

  2. Wow, amazing haul! 😀 Did they give a demo of the Star Light? I was really, really, really surprised by what it does in water (if they didn’t demo it, I won’t give a spoiler) 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for pay day so I can treat myself to a few items! I’ve literally been drooling over the website since the christmas range was released.

    • I don’t know that it has been, don’t worry! I was just wondering, as it seems strange that I wrote it off last year as bland but fell in love with it this year… It’s probably just my nose being weird, don’t panic! 🙂

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