Lush Pumkin bubble bar!

How cute is this little guy??




This is the star of the Lush Halloween range, Pumkin! A remodel of the Easter Limited Edition bubble bar Mumkin, this little orange guy is scented with the Figs and Leaves/Dorothy scent, which is a bright sunny floral with ylang ylang and orange blossom. The scent was already one of my absolute favourites from Lush, and to have it in this cutie pie form is just great!

I couldn’t stop taking photos of that little face! With a green leaf, liquorice stalk and chocolate drop eyes, I’m going to feel really bad about cutting into him (and might have to make Boyfriend do it). But I know it’s going to be a fantastic bath!

Have you got a Pumkin? What’s the cutest place you’ve found for it?

Asha x


23 thoughts on “Lush Pumkin bubble bar!

    • This is my final year, and I really don’t want to leave at the end of it! I love being in college! Once I’ve unpacked when I’ve finished revising (did you have ‘Collections’ exams at the start of term at Cambridge?), I’m going to take a load of photos and do a room tour 🙂

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