The Battle Of: The Body Butters!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all you’ll know I’m a massive fan of body butter. I like a thicker moisturiser, especially during the colder months, and I find that there’s something a whole lot more pampering about using a thick butter rather than quickly slapping on a thin, cold, lotion. Now, the Body Shop is the undoubted Queen of Body Butters, but I’ve got a more obscure contender coming up for the title, NSpa  – let’s get them in the ring and fighting!


In the blue corner, The Body Shop Passionfruit Body Butter (on the left)!


Really nice thick deep passionfruit scent, not too sweet. Very delicious and lasts a good couple of hours! ★★★★★


Thick, thick, thick! You can run your finger lightly over it without picking any up, that’s how thick it is! Rubs in beautifully and quickly. ★★★★★


Leaves my skin feeling soft and well-hydrated without being sticky. Moisturisation lasts around a day, so until your next undressing. ★★★★★


At £13 for a 200ml pot, this is not exactly in the impulse buy category, but since it’s so often on offer, you can often get it for around £5. Still, usually pricey (and no guarantee which flavours will be in the sale!). ★★★

Total: 18 out of 20.


In the red corner, NSpa Passionfruit Body Butter!



A little sweeter and faker than the Body Shop butter, but still recognisably a nice passionfruit scent. Scent lasts around half an hour before fading. ★★★


Reasonably thick, but creamy rather than buttery texture – it feels soft and lotiony, but is deceptively thick. Rubs in very quickly. ★★★★


Non-sticky, which is great, and lasts for about 8 hours before I start to feel a little dry again. ★★★★


At £3 for 200ml, you really can’t go wrong. ★★★★★

Total: 16 out of 20


Body Shop on left, NSpa on right.

So, The Body Shop comes out on top, but only just! If you can’t face the £13 price tag for the winner, then get yourself to Asda and try the Nspa version for £3 – it makes me happy, and I’m very picky about my body butter… What’s your favourite body butter? Do you favour the traditional Body Shop offering, or a more unusual brand?

Asha x


13 thoughts on “The Battle Of: The Body Butters!

  1. You should look into Boots’ own brand of body butters. There’s one that’s ‘Mango and Orange Blossom’ I think which I’ve got LOTS of compliments on for feel and smell. I don’t think I’ll ever leave it to be honest! Just like NSpa, it’s £3 as well I believe. I’d love to see how the cheaper version compares to the great Body Shop Body Butter and how it compares to the NSpa one in the same price range.
    Twitter/Instagram : @colourmeniki

    • I’ve tried the Boots Extracts body butters before, which are really lovely – they’re a bit more expensive, at £8. I think they’re meant to be competing with the Body Shop! But the Ingredients ones sound really good too, and I am a sucker for a good orange blossom scent 🙂 I’ll have to go have a sniff when I own slightly less ridiculous amounts of body butter!

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