Review: Hey Soapy Soapy and Greek Passion Soap

What’s this? Asha has some soap that isn’t from Lush? I see your shocked faces, but yes, it’s true.


I was browsing a local craft market a few months ago when I spotted a stall decked all over with gorgeous brightly coloured soaps, and just had to stop to take a look (and a sniff). The brand was Hey Soapy Soapy (which has no website, but does have a Facebook page) and they make a variety of soaps which are paraben and SLS free, and I must say, which smell incredible. From left to right, I bought: Mint and Menthol, which I hoped would smell like my dear departed Lush Ice Blue once unwrapped (it doesn’t, but it’s still nice), a Parma Violet one, which is everything I ever dreamed of, and Mintra, which smells to me a lot like my CK Summer perfume (the 2006 version). The soaps seem to last quite well, and aren’t too drying, although being clear soaps, they’re not as softening as some of Lush’s offerings. Hey Soapy Soapy is a brand I’m definitely going to search out when I’ve gotten through the ridiculous amount of soap I own, as £6 for three 100g bars is way better value than Lush! P1030350


This pretty little soap was brought back as a present for me from my boyfriend’s parents when they went to Greece. It’s made by a brand called Greek Passion and has gorgeous ingredients, being olive-oil based and honey scented. Add that to a really creamy lather and great scent longevity, and you’ve got one gorgeous bar of soap! After quite a bit of use, the engraving’s faded away, but that’s only to be expected. I’m currently using both this and the Parma Violet HSS soap by my sink, depending on whether I feel like something creamy or something fresh.

So yes, I can sometimes stray from my beloved Lush, and I have to say, I’m really loving using these other soaps. Do you have a favourite brand of bar soap?

Asha x


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