My Perfume Collection

I love my new room. I love having an en suite, and I love that in that en suite, there is a fireplace with a mantelpiece.

Said mantelpiece has become the new home for my perfume collection, and it makes me smile to see them all laid out every time I go into the bathroom!


So here they all are, laid out looking pretty!


First up, my old-style Gorilla perfumes – a heads up, these are mostly all either gifts or swaps. Only Imogen Rose and Vanillary are available in Lush at the moment, the rest are available online or in Poole. From left to right:

B Scent – this scent is actually largely responsible for getting me to make friends with the girl who is now one of my best friends. She was showing me various perfumes in Lush, and even trying ones from her own collection on me, including this one, and that’s how we became friends. It’s a light and lovely lemon-herb scent that really just feels fresh and comforting.

Love – this is the nicest, softest, cinnamon-toffee-apple scent. It just yells ‘autumn’ (and then apologises for yelling and wraps you in a long fluffy scarf and gives you a marshmellow).

Imogen Rose solid – a super sweet baby-powder rose scent. Not as realistic as it could be, but a nice base for other floral perfume.

Tuca Tuca solid – mmmmm Parma Violets. Again, there’s a baby-powder-y note, but it’s a nice way to soften the violet and stop it being too old lady-like. A gift from a wonderful friend who found out my violet addiction and said she never wore it.

Vanillary solid – this is basically the scent of cake. It makes you smell so home-y and lovely and edible – I never fail to get compliments on this, and have bought it as a present for many friends!

Ginger – straight up ginger and nutmeg spice. Amazing in combination with Vanillary, you smell like a piece of gingerbread!

Love – as above. I adore this autumnal scent, and was ever so pleased to nab the full size at a swap shop a couple of weeks ago!


Then I have two from the current Gorilla Perfumes range:

Flowers Barrow – this is a spicy, floral, herby blackcurrant that is impossible to describe, but take my word for it. It’s amazing, but not to everyone’s taste, as it’s quite overpowering.

Sikkim Girls – this is also fairly strong, but it’s a very different scent. Quite a sweet, heady jasmine and rose scent – very evocative of heat, but can often be a bit too much. (There’s a body lotion in the Lush Christmas range with this scent!)


And my non-Gorilla perfumes, from left to right:

Nina by Nina Ricci – a sweet, sugary apple-floral scent. This is one of my favourite perfumes to wear when meeting new people, as it always gets compliments. It’s very girly.

Penhaligon’s Bluebell – I’ve written about this before, but this is a very meaningful perfume to me. It’s a deep, heady bluebell scent which evokes the woods perfectly. My grown-up scent.

CK One Summer (2006) – this was the first real perfume I owned. My dad bought it for me after a trip abroad, and I really enjoy it. Calvin Klein bring out a new variation on this perfume every year, but I definitely prefer my version – so many memories! It’s a fresh, summery citrus that instantly makes you feel sunshiney.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret – although I’m a bit of a perfume nerd and love trying out different scents, this is the closest thing I have to a signature scent. I was actually bought this by mistake, as I used to favour the original Ange ou Demon perfume, but after a few sprays of this, I fell utterly in love with it, and wear it more often than anything else. This is a warm floral, with a feeling (rather than the actual scent of) of fresh sheets and fluffy blankets. The perfect comfort perfume.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon – and here’s the original, which I still love. It’s darker than Le Secret, and has more of a musky scent, but it’s still quite a warm scent. My go-to evening scent.

Guerlain Insolence mini – another violet perfume, but this one is quite musky and dark. I’m in two minds as to whether to buy the full size of this, as I think I favour a fresher soliflore violet (like Penhaligon’s Violetta) rather than just violet notes.

Ghost Deep Night mini – I stopped wearing this so much when it seemed like every girl I met wore it, but that seems to have worn off a bit, so I’m returning to it. A very sexy ‘purple’ scent, perfect for winter evenings.

I’m always open to recommendations for perfumes, if you have any! What are your favourites?

Asha x


6 thoughts on “My Perfume Collection

  1. I love Flowerbomb as well, plus pretty much everything Givenchy makes. I have a ridiculous amount of perfumes and take a sample any chance I get. (Sephora stores will make one for you!) I recently discovered Lancome’s “La Vie Est Belle”, which I think has a similar profile to Flowerbomb.

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