The Autumn Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Beth from Beauty in Beta to do the Autumn Tag. Autumn is probably my favourite season, so I was thrilled to get a chance to answer these cute questions! Read on, read on…

Favourite thing about Autumn? Scarves. I love draping a pretty scarf around my neck when it’s not too cold, or bundling up in a heap of knitted loops when it’s colder!
Favourite drink? Hot chocolate, no doubt there! I love the hazelnut hot chocolate at my favourite cafe, tastes like Nutella!
Favourite scent? I love cinnamon and berry scents – perhaps they are more wintry, but any excuse for a spicy candle or bath product! I’m particularly enjoying wearing Lush’s Love perfume this autumn.
Best lipstick? Probably Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush, it’s such a pretty dark pink. Or I like a bright lip to pep up a grey day, in which case I’ll go for Barry M’s TMLP lipstick!
Go-to moisturizer? Body Shop body butter is my favourite all year round, but I especially love applying it when it starts to get colder…
Go-to colours for the eyes? Anything from the Naked or Smoked palettes by Urban Decay. Neutrals for the day, and smokey darks for evening!
Favourite band/singer to listen to? I have an autumn playlist with some mellow tracks on – I particularly like Blood Orange’s Bad Girls, and I’m getting into Lana Del Rey, especially Lolita.

Favourite outfit to wear? Burgundy cable knit jumper, burnt orange cord mini skirt, black tights and long brown boots.
Autumn Treat? Anything spiced apple!
Favourite place to be? I love being tucked up in the Bodleian library with the rain whipping outside! I also enjoy spending time at Thirsty Meeples, a cafe in Oxford where you can play board games, and in my room, which is incredibly warm and cosy.
Tag time! I tag the lovely ladies from:
and anyone else who would like to do it! What’s your favourite thing about autumn?
Asha x

2 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag!

  1. I love your tag posts 🙂 I know you get more than enough of these, but I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award if you’re interested :)

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