Review: Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil

The lovely Olivia at Beauty from the Fjord held a competition a little while ago, giving away four bottles of her favourite product: Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil (check out her review here!). My run of luck seems to be holding out, because I won one! I’ve had a good little while to test it out, so here are my thoughts…




The packaging of this product is really sleek and pretty – the clear curved bottle fits round a sort of frosted white tube in the middle, which makes it look really quite fancy. I really like the pump, which is easy to use even when your hands are already covered in oil. It is a rather large bottle for only 100ml of product, though.


The product itself is a thin green oil, as you might expect from 100% avocado oil! It doesn’t have too strong a smell, although the avocado-iness is definitely recognisable. It looks quite horrible, but I like that they haven’t really tried to cover up the natural aspects of the oil with colouring or anything – it makes it seem like a very pure product.


I’ve used this both as a body moisturiser and as a hair treatment, and I have to say that it is more effective (for me) as the former rather than the latter. I found that applying this as a hair mask made my hair very difficult to wash, and I ended up using so much shampoo to get the oil out that I’m sure I destroyed all the benefits of the oil in the first place! As a moisturiser, though, it’s a nice lightweight oil that sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling really soft – whether you’ll like it is entirely down to whether you’re a body-oil person. I’m not, I’ve found. I don’t like having to wait around for ages before I can put my jeans on. However, I can definitely recommend this product to people with dry to normal skin, and think that it is absolutely lovely for what it is. And for £14.99 on Feel Unique, I’d say it’s definitely a good thing to try if you’re looking for a multi-tasking oil!

Have you tried avocado oil before? Do you like the look of it?

Asha x



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