I’ve Been to the Library!

I’m back! Yes, last week was a false start. I could make all the apologies in the world (I’ve been ill, I’ve been visiting my parents, I’ve been working really hard, I haven’t been taking photos because of poor light, I’ve been to Disneyland) and they’d all be true, but essentially, I’m sorry. I love this blog and I hate that I’ve let it slip out of my hands recently. I’m reprioritizing, and should be bringing you exciting things everyday again soon!

On to the exciting news – I have been to the library (oh, what, you guessed that from the title?). I thought I’d ease myself back into blogging with a quick trip through what I’m looking forward to reading in the next couple of weeks!


Fated – Benedict Jacka

This is a book that’s been hovering around on my radar for quite a while now. Part of the ‘sensible urban fantasy’ genre that seems to have come up as a backlash against all the ‘Bitey Sexy Vampire’ novels, Fated is about probability mage Alex Verus and his adventures in an alternate universe London. Yeah, I don’t know quite what a probability mage is either. But I do like the sound of a no-nonsense scientific approach to the supernatural!

Fire and Thorns – Rae Carson

This looks a bit trashy teen-fantasy-lite, but I recently had cause to hang around in Forbidden Planet in London for about four hours, and this was one of the books that caught my eye. It seems to be an exploration of what happens when your prophesied Chosen One isn’t some hardworking, surprisingly-good-with-a-sword farm boy, but a pampered, spoilt, lazy princess. Might be an interesting subversion of your average fantasy plot, but it’s going to depend very much on the quality of the writing…

All Clear – Connie Willis

What if Oxford University History Department had time machines? This is the sequel to Blackout, which I read over the summer and really enjoyed. Modern day (slightly future) students go back to the Blitz, undercover, on nice safe research assignments, but of course, as with all time travel stories, it’s not quite so simple as all that! I’m looking forward to seeing how Willis unravels the huge cliffhanger at the end of Blackout.

And that’s what I’ll be reading in the next few weeks (with the addition of a couple of amazing things I just might show you soon). Have you tried any of these? As always, have you got any recommendations?

Asha x


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