Project 10 Pan Take Two!

I’ve been making a real effort to use up my stash of beauty products recently – I’d love to be a bit more minimalist, and certainly not to have a great big storage box of toiletries taking up space! I’ve gotten on really well (you can see my ridiculous number of empties from last month!), but there’s been a few products that just seem to be endless! I’m not entirely sure there’s not a pixie refilling some of these in the night… Anyway, I thought I’d do another Project 10 Pan to make sure I’m using these as much as I can, and show you which products I’m currently trying out!


Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Triple Rose Renewing moisturiser 

Whew, long name. I got this free with a magazine a little while ago, and a little goes a very long way! This is my current night cream, and I only need a tiny smidge to cover my whole face. It’s a very thick formula with a strong rose scent, so I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin, and it’s a bit too rich for my face. Definitely needs used up during the colder weather.

Lush Smitten hand cream 

This is lovely! It smells like Snowcake soap (sweet marzipan) and has a nice light formula – no greasy hands after application, which is great. However, the bottle is really awkward, with a pump that’s kind of hard to press once you’ve got cream on your hands. Definitely not one for the handbag, and so I need to remind myself to use it up at home. (I think it also comes in a pot, which would be better!)

Balance Me Super Toning body wash 

Another reeeeally long lasting freebie! I love the scent of this, as you’ll see in my review, but I’d like to move onto a different shower gel some time soon!


Chou Chou I Love You Toothy Tabs 

Well. I’ve come to the conclusion that solid toothpaste is not for me. I don’t feel like they clean as effectively as normal toothpaste, so I tend to use them just to freshen up, but that means they’re going so slowly! I like the taste (a really subtle rose), but won’t repurchase once these are gone.

Yellow Owl lip balm

It takes so long to use up lip balm! This is a sweet vanilla scented balm that I really like, I just want to make sure I’m focusing on one balm at a time or they’ll never get used up!


Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo

This is one of my favourite shampoos – I adore that bubblegum scent! But I’ve been doing that annoying thing where I have like four bottles open at a time, so it’s Aussie’s turn to be under the use-up spotlight…

Nicky Clarke Smooth It Over finishing serum

This is quite a nice serum, but I’ve had it for the last 6 or 7 years. It lasts a long time. I want to stop looking at it!


Lush Eau Roma toner

I’ve nearly finished this bottle, so it’s a bit of a cheat to include it, but I find that even though I love it (see my review here), I’m using it much less now it’s winter… This big bottle’s lasted me nearly a year, though, which is impressive!

Lush Noriko soap

I eeny-meeny-miny-mo’d to choose what my next soap to use up was going to be, and Noriko won (or lost, depending on how you look at it). This is one of the Christmas soaps, and has a sweet ylang ylang scent – not very Christmassy, but nice nonetheless. The creamy Lush soap formulas tend not to last very long, so I’m wondering about the longevity of this one…

Lush 9 to 5 cleanser

This creamy cleanser really helped sort out my dry skin about a year ago, but I’m completely and utterly bored of it now. It seems to last for ever, so I’m ditching all other cleansers to use this twice a day, and see if that last inch will disappear more quickly!

So, no buying any cleanser, toner, soap, shower gel, night cream, toothpaste, shampoo, hand cream, hair serum or lipbalm until all of these are gone. Wish me luck!

Are you doing any projects like this? Let me know!

Asha x

3 thoughts on “Project 10 Pan Take Two!

  1. Great to see your new posts! Hope all of your uni work is going well! I thought of you when I was in Body Shop today: did you know that the White Musk range now also comes in a scent called Smokey Rose? I absolutely love it! I’m considering buying the eau de toilette, it’s lovely!

    • Ooh, I had heard about the Smokey Rose, but I keep forgetting to go in and give it a sniff – you’re right, it sounds like just my thing 🙂 Work’s going well, I just forgot how time-consuming it was… Today I spent four hours in the basement of the Bodleian – went in just after lunch, and came up and it was dark! There goes another afternoon that I could have used to take photos 😛

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