I ♥ Next!

I was recently invited to attend the Next Blogger Network Workshop in London, which sounded like it was going to be an amazing day, with tons of good information about blogging and a chance to meet some other awesome fashion bloggers. Unfortunately, I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy the night before the workshop, and couldn’t go. I was absolutely gutted to miss out on what I’m sure was a brilliant day.

I was stunned, however, at the sweet response I had from Gemma Glover, one of the organisers of the day, who said she would send me out a goody bag to make up for me missing the event! I was really touched that they’d take the time to do that, even though I couldn’t make the event, and very impressed with the huge parcel that turned up a few days later… 

(These should be the last of the taken-in-the-dark bad photos for now!)


A sweet little note on top of…


This amazing collection of stuff!


Everything came tucked up in this cute little tote bag – perfect for the library!


I thought that adding a notebook and pen was a really thoughtful gift for bloggers (aren’t all of us obsessed with stationery??).


I love this gorgeous little photo frame – I think I’ll put one of the photos of Boyfriend and me in Disneyland in here, when I get around to printing them.

P1030927 P1030939

Next up, something definitely designed to appeal to me – a candle, and one that smells amazing, too! It’s a nice sweet floral with a little bit of musk. I’m really enjoying burning this one in the evenings. You can get this on the Next website if you like the sound of it.


And these! Aren’t these the fluffiest socks you’ve ever seen?! Just wait….


Not only are they extra fluffy on the outside…P1030955

They’re made of the softest, thickest fluffy fleece on the inside! They are SO comfortable, I’ve barely taken them off since I got them. You can get hold of them online here (and I would really recommend you do). If you have any cold-hating friends or family to buy for this Christmas, these would definitely be well received!

I’m really very grateful to Gemma and Next for sending me this goody bag – it helped so much to pick me up after missing the event and being ill. I’m so impressed by the generosity here!

Are any of these going to be on your Christmas list? Also, tell me, has a brand ever gone above and beyond in doing something that made you think ‘Wow’?

Asha x


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