Outfit of the Day: 31st November

So, it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve managed to do an outfit post. I’ve been holed up in the library until dark most of this term, and rarely seen my photographer before dusk – remind me why winter is a good idea again? I managed to cadge a tiny bit of photo-time just as it was going dark, so here are a few blurryish photos of one of my favourite dresses.






This pretty blue dress from Primark is the same cut as the green one I picked up in the summer (in this haul!), and so it shares all the features that I love: baroque print, square sweetheart neckline, skater skirt. Basically my perfect dress. Once I realised how much I loved the green one, I was so disappointed that I hadn’t bought it in burgundy, but I had one of those lucky Primark incidents (where you find one thing, in your size, on a totally unrelated rack, and can’t find any others in the whole shop)Β and found a blue one!

Accessorised with my ubiquitous belt (provenance unknown), black heels and my beautiful sapphire earrings (courtesy of a wonderful boyfriend), it makes a really nice smart-casual party outfit.Β I do adore these black velvet heels, which I believe were originally from Office, by way of my mother’s wardrobe. They’re such an elegant, classic cut, but they’re made a bit more interesting by the criss-cross elastic.

Apologies for the terrible lighting, and I promise that I’ll try harder to post more outfits – I love being a fashion blogger, and have really missed it! I may well have to corral a member of my family into acting photographer over the holidays!

Asha x


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