A Christmassy Lush Bath Haul

It’s the last week of term here in Oxford, and that means plenty of stress for me! It’s the week of the pantomime – this term I’m musical director and also playing the Doctor’s companion (not to mention also playing a ninja fairy and the front of the pantomime dragon tomorrow night because one of the cast can’t make it). It’s also the week of termly reports, meetings with the college Principal, catching up one last time with friends, cramming in the last few library hours, and finally packing.


So, on Saturday night, my first night at home, I’m expecting to be pretty tired. I popped into Lush for a bit of bath planning, and came away with some awesome bits to make a relaxing Christmas bath to kick off my holiday.


First up is the Christmas Eve bubble bar, which is amazing. It’s one of the few relaxing, soporific scents on the market which doesn’t have lavender in it – instead this is a soft ylang ylang and jasmine scent. Don’t be put off by that – this isn’t the strong Lust jasmine that Lush is known for, but a soft, sweet floral that has nothing brash about it. I’ve been waiting all year for this to come back.

One thing I am a little disappointed about is that this year’s Christmas Eve seems to be a much paler blue than last year – I really liked the midnight blue water. This blue is closer to Dorothy than anything night-time-y! I’ll keep you posted on what it looks like.


I also picked up a Floating Island bath melt, which I’ve never had before. I took it on faith that it’s a great match for Christmas Eve, but I’ve always passed it over before – it’s going to sound like a stupid reason, but the melts are kept on a high shelf in my local Lush, so my eyes are never drawn to them. But oh my, I’ve been missing out. This has an almond and sandalwood scent, but I get a really sweet, sugary vibe from it – sort of like a candyfloss sort of scent, but not in a Snow Fairy bright pink sugar way. Just something sweet and gentle. I think it’ll be perfect with the gentle floral of Christmas Eve.

Floating Island is a cross between a bath melt (which makes the water “soft”) and a bath ballistic (which fizzes), so I’m definitely intrigued to see how it works…

I seriously cannot wait to get in this bath! What do you think of the combination? I’ll be sure to update you on how good they are together!

Asha x





PS. If you’re in Oxford, come see the show! Check out the FB event here!


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