Make Up Spring Cleaning!


Until quite recently, I’ve been a teenage girl, and the one thing that you should all know about teenage girls is that they accumulate make up like nobody’s business! This seems to happen especially if it’s cheap or on sale… Thing is, I now have a lot of much nicer make up that I actually like to use a lot more, and so I’m having a bit of a “spring clean” of my make up bag. 

In there are a bunch of Rimmel eyeshadows that I picked up on sale, some MUA knock-offs of Barry M’s Dazzle Dust, and a few other random single shades. I’m ditching these ’cause I only ever really reach for my Urban Decay palettes when it’s time for eyeshadow – it’s just too much hassle to use single colours!

I’m also ditching a Rituals sample size mascara that’s gone all gloopy, a Collection liquid eyeliner that has dried up a bit too much to use, and a red lipstick that, although you can see it’s well-loved, is the slipperiest, messiest thing. I daren’t wear it!

So… there’s quite a lot more space in my make up bag now… Time to go shopping?

Asha x


8 thoughts on “Make Up Spring Cleaning!

    • Haha, I struggle with this too – but I know that things like this literally sit untouched next to my Urban Decay eyeshadows, all of which have more than enough colour to double up as costume make up! I did pass it all on to friends, though, so it’s not as much of a waste as it seems…

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