One or Two more Empties!

Term is over, hurrah!

Unfortunately, it finished a week after I’d done my empties post, and as I’ve said before (in my extra September empties), I think it’s really silly to move house with rubbish. Empties, however, don’t fall into neat monthly time-zones, and I had several things on their last legs while I was doing my post – so here are a couple more things I’ve used up since the end of November!


A couple of little L’Occitane bits and bobs – some sample sachets of face masks, the Brightening Moisture Mask and Immortelle Cream Mask. Both of these were really lovely to apply, with a good texture and scent, but I didn’t see much of a difference to my skin after using, so I probably won’t be shelling out for the full-size (£39 for 125ml for both)!

One thing I’ll continue to get, despite its ridiculous price tag, is the L’Occitane shea butter hand cream. This is my Holy Grail of hand creams, and luckily, although it’s £8 for 30ml, it’s very often on offer or given as a freebie, so as long as I continue to stock up when it’s cheap, I’ll be happy. This rose scented one was lovely.


A bit of skincare here. I’ve loved the St Ives Apricot Scrub for years, and gave it a glowing review a little while ago. This is definitely something I’ll repurchase, especially since it’s such a good budget buy, but for the moment I’m using Lush’s Let the Good Times Roll. I also really enjoyed using the Balance Me Daily Essentials Moisture-Rich face cream, as I pointed out here, but think that it’s rather too heavy for my skin.

One more of the little owl lip balms from the stash hits the dust. This strawberry one was lovely, but a little sticky.


I have had this tube of Givenchy Ange ou Démon body lotion for ages, and I find that perfume lotions are rarely very effective. This was useful only for the luxury of boosting my perfume.

My feelings for Lush Ponche shower gel are mixed, and were for all the time I was using it. Sometimes, I thought it was a lovely warm, spicy orange, and sometimes I found it to be too harsh a citrus for me to enjoy. I would say get this one if you adore oranges, otherwise avoid.  I nabbed this little bottle of Disney H20 Blushing Orange shower gel from our hotel in Disneyland, and was incredibly nicely surprised to find that it was a luxurious orange blossom scent. I’m glad I’ve got another bottle of this!


And finally, it wouldn’t be an empties post without a few black Lush pots. I really, really, really enjoyed using Celebrate body lotion, which had the most indescribably Christmassy scent, all oranges and brandy and amazingness. Also, despite being the texture of a lotion, it was so moisturising! A little went a really long way, and I’m hoping to repurchase more of this before it disappears after Christmas.

I also tried out the Christmas face mask from Lush, Rudolph. This smelled exactly like Pimms (cucumber and fruit), but had the texture of BB Seaweed mask, so was quite messy. I think I’ll probably stick to Catastrophe Cosmetic in future. And finally, I used up my last pot of the lovely Ro’s Argan body conditioner. While I think this is amazing, as you can see from my review, I like moisturising too much to be satisfied with using an in-shower moisturiser, so I think I’ll stick to Rose Jam bubbleroon and shower gel for my scent fix…

A couple more products down, and a couple fewer things to lift while moving out! Tried any of these? Let me know what you thought!

Asha x

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