Six Tea Shades of Grey


It’s been a while since I’ve shown you a tea stash post! My collection is a little less adventurous than previously, as I’ve become a very loyal devotee of grey teas – Earl Grey, Lady Grey, you name it, I’ll drink it. I’ve almost entirely stopped drinking ‘normal’ English Breakfast tea, mostly for practical reasons: I don’t drink enough milk to warrant buying milk all the time, and I don’t like English Breakfast without milk. Grey teas are much nicer to drink black, especially the more exotic variations I’ve been trying recently!


Up on the top row you’ve got your old standards – Earl Grey, Lady Grey, and Empress Grey. Twinings Earl Grey is my favourite blend that I’ve tried, since it has a very subtle orangey taste, but still has the tea-i-ness of regular tea. Their Lady Grey has a much more obvious orange kick, and is what I tend to drink in the mornings. My box of Empress Grey, on the left, comes from Marks and Spencer, and is more lemony than orangey, but is still really tasty!


Then on the bottom row, there are what I think have to be the most gorgeous tea boxes in existence! These are Twinings floral Earl Greys, and they come adorned with these pretty fashion prints. I’ve already mentioned several times on here that Twinings Rose Garden is my absolute favourite everyday tea, and I was so pleased when my local supermarket started stocking the other flavours in the range. The Orange Blossom Earl Grey is a very light version of Lady Grey (at least to my taste buds), while the Jasmine Earl Grey is more delicately floral – think perfumed rather than heavily flavoured. Rose Garden, while technically not a grey tea, is also in the ‘Black Floral range’, so it technically counts… and anyway, you should try it! There’s also a Lavender Earl Grey tea, but I’m not really a lavender person, so I’ve been avoiding that one.

Essentially, I suppose what I’m trying to say is… I really like tea. And even better if it’s grey. Om nom nom.

Tea-lovers! Any recommendations for me?

Asha x

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