The Winter Tag

I’ve been tagged to do the winter tag by Benita – I’m so pleased, I love doing this sort of thing! I’m not a winter sort of person, generally because I hate being cold,  but there are loads of lovely things about winter that should make these questions good fun…

What is your favourite thing about winter?
As much as I hate being cold, I do like a nice crisp walk across some green space.
What is your favourite winter outfit?
I’m not going to lie, it’s far more about warmth than style for me in the winter. I love Primark’s Super Cosy tights, and any jumper that can stop me shivering!
What is your favorite winter food?
I’m not sure I have one! I do like apple crumble – does that count?
What is your favorite winter drink?
Definitely hot chocolate. I had an amazing Black Forest hot chocolate yesterday – I love cherries, so that was amazing!
What is your dream way to spend a winter’s day?
Inside! Wrapped up warm with a good book, that’ll do me.
How do you like to do your make up in the winter?
Umm, about the same as always. I might add a bit more blush if I’m going to be outside for long, but I don’t tend to wear darker lipstick or anything like most people seem to. If anything, I wear less lipstick, ’cause I’m always applying lipbalm!
What are you hoping Father Christmas brings you?
I’d like some new pyjamas and some books from my Amazon list… I haven’t really thought about Christmas yet, I’m very slow on the wagon this year! I’ll probably be doing a few more wishlists in the next couple of weeks though.
What are the first three things that remind you of winter?
Cold days, hot chocolate, and fluffy socks.
What is your favourite winter song?
This is going to sound slightly odd, but oh well… I love the song Santa Baby, but I’ve never heard a version of it that I liked particularly.
What is your favourite winter memory?
Ooh, a tricky one. I think it’s just general Christmassy memories all blurred into one! I have to say, this year’s trip to Disneyland will probably stay one of my favourite winter memories for a long time!
What is your favourite winter scent?
Cinnamon anything, especially cinnamon apple. It’s everywhere this time of year, and I love it.
If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…
Space for all my books!

Well, I hope I didn’t come across as too much of a Grinch! I feel like I’ve tagged a lot of people in things recently, so I’m just going to say: if you want to do this tag, then do it (and let me know if you do)!

Asha x


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