We Went To Disneyland!

So, in early November my boyfriend and I had our second anniversary, and, because we’re grown ups, decided to go to Disneyland Paris to celebrate! We had an amazing weekend – the timing meant that although the weather was pretty poor for a lot of the weekend, the parks were nearly empty, and even better than that, everything was Christmas!

I’ve rounded up just a few of the best and most fun photos to show you (to avoid that long boring holiday snaps experience) – we didn’t take any decent cameras, so they’re all slightly lower quality than you might expect! Also, serious warning here: photos may contain a me without make up, after several hours in the rain. You have been warned.


Arriving – we were wowed by the Christmassy entrance!


Beautiful blue sky behind the castle on Saturday…


Boyfriend getting nommed by Rex in the Toy Story section of the park.


So Christmassy! This was inside one of the shops.


There was even ‘snow’ on Main Street!



These restaurant signs amused us no end (that’s us being British, in case you couldn’t tell!).

(Not pictured: Since it was off-season, the majority of people in the parks were French, and so a lot more of the information stuff was in French. One of the highlights was sitting down for the Star Wars ride safety speech, and being too English to point out to the French assistant that we were English. Good job I speak French!)


Ready for a rainy parade in our hideous matching ponchos…

In the evening, we stopped to get some dinner and have a bit of a sit down just outside the front entrance, in a pretty little water garden. We had a lovely few moments to relax and enjoy being together outside of the mad rush of fun we were having. It was so romantic, and even more so when he gave me an unexpected anniversary present – a beautiful sapphire and diamond promise ring! It’s such a lovely symbol of the time we’ve spent together and the time we have to look forward to.


This photo in no way does it justice – it is so delicate and sparkly (and I swear my fingers don’t look like that in real life!). It’s currently being sized, so this is the best photo I have, but take my word for it, it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.


Post-romance selfie… Then it was back into the park for the light show!


The entrance after dark on Saturday night… Blurry but beautiful.


The most amazing light, water, music, and fireworks show I’ve ever seen! It was spectacular!


On Sunday morning, it was a bit wetter and greyer, but hey, look at all that space! There were hardly any queues for anything all weekend.

DSCF0676Boyfriend getting a bit excited on the (stationary) teacups!


We completed the Alice maze!


Got a friendly passer by to take that iconic photo…


And this is supposed to be us in front of the castle as we left the park. Well, we’re just a little more in front of it than we planned!

So that’s it for photos! It was an exhilarating weekend, and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. Just looking through these photos again has made me so excited! I hope you enjoyed this little look at our trip – I’d love to see other people’s Disney stories, tell me if you’ve been!

Asha x


13 thoughts on “We Went To Disneyland!

  1. I have this deep hole of hatred in my heart for people that have been to disneyworld/land. My sister used to work at Disneyworld Orlando and she said that at all the parks the Castle is different like a different princesses castle. Your trip looks amazing though! Hopefully within the next few years I can do the Disney International Program and work at Disney for a year heh.

    • Oh no! Sorry!
      I’ve only been to the one in Paris, but that is true about all the castles – Paris has Sleeping Beauty’s castle 🙂 I had a school friend who worked as a princess/dancer for a year, it sounded amazing!

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