Fab Christmas Lush Haul!


Christmas has begun! I met up with a lovely friend this weekend, and we swapped presents – imagine how excited I was to see her pull out this big glittery box… This is the Fab Christmas box from Lush, which has 12 girly products from the Christmas and regular Lush lines. This box is unashamedly princessy! Want to take a look at what’s inside?


First up, there are two 100ml shower gels, both of which are limited edition for Christmas. It’s a well-known fact that I adore Lush Rose Jam (see my review here), and while I’ve hardly made a dent in my massive bottle, it still makes me feel a little more secure to have more of this wonderful limited edition product in my stash! I’ve actually never tried that cult favourite, Snow Fairy, but it smells so sweet and fresh that I’m looking forward to using it for the first time.


There are also two good-sized chunks of soap in the box, Snowcake and Angel’s Delight. Angel’s Delight shares the same bubblegum princess scent as Snow Fairy, while Snowcake is a sweet, nutty, marzipan scent.


I’ve never tried Turkish Delight shower smoothie before, but I really can’t think why! It’s a body wash, but a super moisturising one with a sweet floral scent. I think this will be really luxurious for winter showers.


Another of my absolute favourites – Ro’s Argan body conditioner. This in-shower moisturiser has the gorgeous Rose Jam scent, and makes even an everyday shower seem decadent (see my review here).


I love Sex Bomb bath bomb! Although it has a dreadful name, this turns the bath a really pretty shade of pink and has a really soft jasmine scent.


This year, Lush has upgraded last year’s Lil Lush Pud into the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb. This pretty purple pudding has the scent of Twilight, a year-round lavender bath bomb, and should be nice and relaxing for post-Christmas detoxing!


I really enjoyed the Gold FUN I got in the Getting Ziggy With It gift set in October (see that haul here) – you can’t go too far wrong with the Honey I Washed the Kids scent, all toffee and honey!


Star Light Star Bright bath melt might be the glitteriest thing I’ve ever seen! Absolutely coated in silver glitter, this bath melt has a pretty blue heart, and smells like a tropical holiday (I think lime and coconut?). I can’t wait to try this one out, although I’m a bit scared of the clean up afterwards!


This little thing is the most hideous shade of neon pink! I’m really gutted that Lush decided to make a Snow Fairy Sparkle massage bar instead of bringing back last year’s Midnight Massage bar, which was a wonderful jasmine-scented bar. This smells just like Snow Fairy, so is bound to be popular, but is not the most elegant of products…


And last but not least from the Fab Christmas box, Santa Baby lip tint, which is a cola bottle scented lip balm that leaves a sheer red tint on your lips – similar to the Million Kisses lip tint from Valentines Day, but with a sweeter scent and a sheerer colour. Super pretty!


Now this is not part of the Fab Christmas gift set, but my lovely sneaky friend tucked it inside the box – a bottle of Cocktail perfume. The Lush website describes this as ‘killer heels in a bottle’, and it does feel very grown-up and elegant. It contains most of the notes I tend to like in a perfume (rose, orange blossom, sandalwood), but somehow manages to do something unusual about it. This is part of the original Gorilla perfume range, so it is only available online or in Poole, but it’s well worth trying to find!

I am so grateful to have such a generous friend – I only hope she liked her Christmas presents as much! If you have a girly Lush-loving friend, then this gift set would be an amazing present (it’s on the website here).

What are you hoping the Lush fairies slip under your tree?

Asha x

14 thoughts on “Fab Christmas Lush Haul!

  1. What a fab Xmas prezzie and packaging so cute! What are you going to use the box for after? I’m about to try the Lush perfumes as I want to find something similar to Beyonce’s Heat and/or Hugo Boss deep red both have a warm muskyness and oriental spicy notes with a hint of red berries…. I’m guessing lol

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