Review: Lush Secret Santa


I don’t normally do review of individual bath bombs, but I was so very impressed by Secret Santa that I just had to show you how magical it is!

I showed you in my early Christmas haul how huge and pretty this is – modelled on the flagship store in Poole, this is a pretty pastel orange with pink and white trimmings. Not the most Christmassy of colours, but really pretty. It’s at least twice as big as any other bath bomb! I used mine all in one go, ’cause I was feeling decadent, but I think you could split this in half down the seam, and get three baths out of it (each side, plus the ‘secret’ in the middle).

It smells, well, like Lush. But that’s not just me being lazy with my scent descriptions, this has the ultra-special HQ perfume as its scent, which is put together to smell exactly like being in a Lush shop. It’s a little citrussy, a little girly, and a lot Lush. Amazing!


And just look at those colours!


This really is an exceptionally pretty bath bomb – the water ended up a rich, deep shade of orange filled with sparkle. I’m not a huge fan of orange bath water, but I found this surprisingly nice. I think perhaps the glitter helped… And I will warn you, you and your bath will be covered in shimmer when you get out of a Secret Santa bath. Not obvious glitter flakes, just a sort of lustre.

My main issue with this bath bomb would have to be the price. At £5.45 for one, it’s not exactly a budget bath! As I’ve said, it is possible to split it into at least two parts, but even so, I think that a lot of the cheaper bath bombs from Lush are just as nice as this, and if you’re anything like me, your bathroom already smells like a Lush shop!

Do you think there’s any call for larger, more expensive bath bombs like this, or would you prefer a smaller, cheaper one? I think this would be a stunning present, but perhaps a little self-indulgent to buy again just for me…

Asha x




7 thoughts on “Review: Lush Secret Santa

    • That’s the way I feel about a lot of bath bombs now – they’re nice presents, but some are a bit much for everyday bathing! I was a little scared to try, in case it went everywhere 😛 But I know it is possible!

    • Don’t worry, I really didn’t find it too Christmassy at all! The scent isn’t Christmas-based at all, so once it starts dissolving a bit, there’ll be nothing to show you’re late! 😛

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