My December Favourites

I’ve never actually done a favourites post before, but why not start now? I’ve been using some products this month that I just want to rave about (even if I’ve done so before), so I’ve wrapped them all up into one simple post!


The cold weather, combined with very hot central heating, leaves my skin completely gasping for a drink! I’ve been slathering The Body Shop Wild Rose hand cream on my hands whenever I can. It’s a nice formula – not as perfect as L’Occitane’s hand cream, but still nice – but what sells it for me is that gorgeous rose scent. It’s lasting without being cloying, and definitely not old ladyish! For more general moisturising, I’ve been liking NSpa Passionfruit body butter – not a very Christmassy scent, I know, but I still like it, and this really does a good job of keeping dry skin at bay. 



I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit lip balm crazy, and my current love is The Body Shop Born Lippy pot in Guava. Oh, my gosh. The scent/taste of this is amazing – I can’t say that I know what a guava should taste like, but I hope it’s like this! It does a pretty good job of moisturising, and I’m not too fussed by it being in a pot, like I know some people are. I like it! Although I didn’t feature it in my winter skincare post, I’ve recently started using my Mizon Multi-Function Formula All in One Snail Repair Cream as a slightly richer day cream on days I know I’m going to be out in the cold for a while. This is a gel moisturiser from Korea, which claims to have anti-ageing benefits (and to be 92% snail). I don’t think too much about the snail element, and get on really well with this moisturiser.


Apologies for the grossness of the Lush pot: we have hard water, so anything left in the shower gets this lovely film left on it. Still, it’s what’s inside that counts, and what’s inside is Lush Let the Good Times Roll cleanser/exfoliatior, which I absolutely love. It sounds incredibly sad, but I actually look forward to using it in the mornings! It smells like toffee and feels amazing, and if you want more sense than that, read my review! My favourite hair product this month has to be Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask. I love everything from this range, but this intensive conditioner has really helped to make my hair feel soft and amazing, despite it being winter (so subject to cold, wet air and hot, dry air in quick succession). If you have thick, frizzy, curly or otherwise tangly hair, I really can’t recommend this enough!


Last but not least, perfume! I’ve been at work a lot this month, and since I work in a restaurant, I can’t wear any perfume that’s too strong. I find that perfume just helps me to feel fully dressed, and this Peony EdT by Yardley does the job nicely – it’s light and sweet. A really nice peony scent, which Yardley have kept fresh and green rather than heavy or blowsy. On colder days, I’ve been favouring Lush Vanillary solid perfume. The solid perfumes from Lush have a smaller scent throw than a spray, and Vanillary is quite a subtle scent anyway. You just smell home-y, rather than perfume-y, which is lovely and comforting when you’re out in horrible weather.

What have you been loving this December? (And should I keep doing a monthly favourite post?)

Asha x



5 thoughts on “My December Favourites

  1. I definitely want to try the hand cream from The Body Shop that sounds amazing. I think doing favorite posts depends on if you think you have new favorites each month otherwise you could just do them as and when you start using different products and they come favorites too. 🙂

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