My Final Lush Christmas Haul…

Yes, kids, Christmas at Lush is finally over… With their traditional half-price sale on at Boxing Day, the last few Christmas products have been swept from the shelves, and we’re all left either revelling in our Christmas arrivals or lamenting products never to be seen again.


My stash of Lush products has been seriously augmented in the last week or so, both by Christmas present from lovely people, and by a bit of sneaky ordering of my own…


My two favourite bath bombs ever are Cinders and So White. Unfortunately, both are Christmas-only products, which I didn’t realise last year when I fell in love with them. A bit of hunting-down on eBay from my boyfriend, and a couple of generous swaps from my Lush friends made sure I was reasonably well-equipped with So Whites until this Christmas, but I’m taking no chances this year, and stocked up with two of each (one of which I’ve already used!). Then lovely Boyfriend surprised me with another one of each in my Christmas present, so I really am rolling in these beautiful ballistics. Cinders, if you don’t know, is a warm cinnamon spice ballistic, with popping candy on top which makes your bath sound like it’s next to a crackling fire. So White is a crisp, clean apple and rose scent, with the white outside giving way to a deep pink heart – very wintry, very wonderful.


Christmas Eve bubble bar is another absolute favourite of mine. This is one of the few relaxing bath products on the market that doesn’t contain lavender, which is great as I’m not the biggest fan (although Lush lavender is nicer than old-lady lavender). Instead, Christmas Eve has ylang ylang and jasmine (very subtle, don’t worry Lust-haters) to create a really calming, soft bath, with a rich blue colour (or green, if you use the yellow bit in the same bath). I love this bubble bar – it’s probably up there with Dorothy, vying for the top spot in my affection. Given that I can get three or four baths out of one bar, these two little beauties should keep me going for a while!

On a slightly tangential note, I find the variation in colour this year to be very large – the one I ordered (on the left) is a pale turquoise, while the one that Boyfriend gave me is a cobalt blue. Neither of them is the same colour as last year’s bar, which was a very dark royal blue. Odd. I’ve been reassured that this is completely normal variation, though, with no change in the ingredients, scent, or consistency, so I suppose it’s just one of those things about handmade products.

I also unwrapped this cute little Penguin bubble bar and Amandopondo bubble bar. I haven’t actually used my original Penguin yet – who could crumble that adorable face? I will have to at some point, this has a lovely orange blossom scent, which I think is the same as The Olive Branch shower gel… It’s lovely, anyway, and now I have two adorable faces to look at! Amandopondo was the first bubble bar I ever tried, and it’s stayed a favourite. It’s a really subtle rose and lemon scented bar, almost like turkish delight, and it makes you feel like an old-fashioned film star, in your huge girly bubble bath…


More favourites! A chunk of Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which smells like what would happen if bees ate fudge and made toffee-flavoured honey. Then there’s also Dreamtime bath melt, which is the product that converted me to liking Lush’s lavender scents – it is the most relaxing scent I’ve ever smelled, and makes your bath water feel so soft. You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt is a new one to me (or if it’s not, I’ve forgotten using it before), but it smells like Solero ice cream, so I think it’s fairly certain I’m going to love it!

A big thank you to the generous Christmas elves behind these gifts, and a hurrah for the Boxing Day sale. And one final thing that should make anyone’s heart sing: Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser is staying for good! Look at it, all smug-looking on the regular cleanser page, waving its Christmas friends goodbye… I’m exceedingly happy about this.

Did you get anything Lush from Father Christmas, or even from Mr Boxing Day Sale?

Asha x

9 thoughts on “My Final Lush Christmas Haul…

  1. I’m not really that impressed with the christmas products, they’re products I would enjoy in winter but Christmas here is summer so it just doesn’t appeal to me haha. I’m excited for the Valentines Day range though, it looks pretty! The Christmas things you got look very nice though, I love the little penguin 🙂

  2. I managed to get two giftboxes with lots of goodies, including Rose Jam and the Honey flavoured FUN bar – which I’ve started using already and I’m in love with!! So many of the giftboxes (which was mostly what was left at my store a few days after boxing day) had bathbombs etc, which I would love to use if only i had a bath! so sad.

  3. I love your description of HIWTK – so apt! I’ll have a little chat with my bees and see if I can’t get them to make me something toffee-flavoured honey this summer… Also I can’t believe you haven’t tried the Mango thing, it is one of my favourites (as a non-Lush addict, though you’re turning me), I just think it smells divine! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

    • I hadn’t ever really bought bath melts before, though, they’re so unprepossessing… Used half of it in my bath tonight, and I liked it a lot – think I need to team it with something more exciting though, just to keep me interested 😛

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