Review: & Other Stories Blush in Applebloom Pink

This is a product I’ve had for a long while, but I never got around to reviewing it. It would be too much of a shame not to show it to you, because it’s simply one of the prettiest things in my make up bag!


Back when the launch of & Other Stories was the biggest deal, I went in for a wander and fell in love with their elegantly simple packaging and quirky products. This blush comes in several shades (and is also available as a bronzer), but I played it safe and went with a dusty rose sort of colour (very similar to my usual English Rose look). What I love about this, however, far more than the colour, is the embossing on the blush itself…


Yep, that’s a quote from Romeo and Juliet. Be still my literature-geek heart. I love it! It’s so playful and fun! I dread the day that it wears off – I only wish they had embossed it onto the packaging too, so that we could use the blush freely and still enjoy the fun side…


This is quite a heavy-handed swatch, because the light was weird and I didn’t think it would show up. Applebloom Pink is a very dusty pink, the perfect windy-walk colour for autumn and winter, and it can be blended out to a very sheer wash.ย It’s also not an unreasonable price – ยฃ10 for 5.5g of blusher is pretty good. You can find it in all its colours on the & Other Stories website. I’d really recommend it for any Shakespeare-loving beauty addicts out there!

Asha x


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