Review: Bomb Cosmetics Soaps

Well aren’t these the prettiest little soaps you’ve ever seen? I think they might even top Lush in terms of each slice being gorgeous in its own right – Lush wheels are beautiful, but I always seem to come away with really boring looking chunks from the spaces between the details. What Bomb Cosmetics has got going on is that each slice looks almost identical, all the way down the bar – still handmade, but with a bit more attention to detail.

Boyfriend and I recently discovered a hidden-away stand of Bomb Cosmetics soaps and bath bombs in a local shop. I wasn’t too fussed by the bath bombs, but was amazed by the colourful display of soaps, and fell completely in love when I started to smell them. There is such a wide array of amazing sweet and fruity scents – none of them are particularly complex, and I’m not sure that there were any warmer or spicier scents, but for something lighter and summery, I’d definitely recommend the brand. So I was thrilled to find a few soap slices in my stocking this Christmas… Want to see?


First up is Space Jam soap (at least, I think it is. None of these had names on, so I’ve done my best guessing from the website…)

Anyway, this  is a deep purple-black soap with a pink and a white stripe on top, and little bits of coloured soap on top, like sweeties. This smells fantastic (well, they all smell fantastic!) – the website says it’s inspired by pink rhubarb and blackberries, and it certainly smells wonderfully of berries (especially strawberries). It’s very chic, with its black and pink colours, and would suit a girly girl very well – so that’s perfect for me!


The next pretty is Planet Rock soapwhich is a clear royal purple, with glitter, and purple and green planets included. Its striking appearance is matched by an apple-lime-strawberry scent which smells like a wonderful fancy cocktail – it is very fresh, and would be wonderful in warmer weather. I remember not being able to put this one down in the shop, because it smells so good!


This next piece I believe is Strawberry Fields soapalthough it doesn’t look exactly like the photo on the website. This has a similar fruity scent to Planet Rock, but with more of a strawberry focus (duh), and maybe a bit of watermelon. It’s a beautiful soap, watermelon pink with ‘fruit slices’ embedded in it, and black and silver glitter, which evokes seeds. I love the colour, and the scent, and everything, really!


Now this little beauty, I think might be Fruit of the Flower? But I don’t think it smells of oranges. This smells to me like pear and rose and very possibly champagne. It smells like a spring morning, and the bright pink and green swirls make it even more sunny and bright. This might be my favourite – but then I was thinking that about all the others, so I suppose what I mean is that I really like them all!

All the soaps make a good lather, and while they’re slightly drying, as all bar soap is, they don’t seem to be as drying as some of the Lush clear soaps are (Angel’s Delight, I’m looking at you). I’m convinced of the quality of Bomb Cosmetics as a brand, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of their pretty soaps as a gift.

Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? What would you recommend?

Asha x


12 thoughts on “Review: Bomb Cosmetics Soaps

    • They are quite a quiet brand, no advertising or anything, but they’re well worth looking out for! I don’t rate their bath stuff as highly as Lush, but their soap and candles are lovely 🙂

  1. Their soaps are pretty and their bath melts are great. I find the bath bombs less intense in fragrance than Lush. I ‘ll see if I can find some I have written reviews on to put on my Blog.

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