Three Ways to Wear a Men’s Shirt

So, long story short, I borrowed a J Crew shirt from a male friend for a play, and fell in love with it. He was kind enough to get one for me when he next went to America, and since then… I’ve not really worn it as much as I thought I would. My style, as you might have guessed, is quite girly, and I tend to keep my silhouette quite fitted.

Since I’m on a mission to love everything in my wardrobe, I thought I’d experiment with how to wear a mens’ shirt!

Look Number One: Casual Hang-out


In this look, I’ve paired the shirt with dark skinny jeans, a basic strappy top, cute ballet flats, and an interesting necklace. Knotting the shirt keeps it quite figure-flattering, by pulling in the sides and taking quite a lot of the bulk of the larger cut out of it. You can change up the look by changing the t-shirt/strappy top underneath, although I like the way the teal co-ordinates. This is a very casual look, but has a bit of a cowboy feel that gives me more confidence than just a t-shirt and jeans would!

Jeans: Gap. Shoes: Office. Strappy top: New Look. Necklace: Claire’s Accessories. Bracelet: local craft fair (present).

Look Number Two: Preppy


For this look, I decided to go sweet and prim, buttoning the shirt up all the way and teaming it with a pretty high-waisted lace skirt. I added a long string of silver pearls to mimic a tie, with one strand buttoned up under the collar, and little black flats (not pictured because my camera thinks I’m too tall). This look would be really nice for a day about town – the casual material of the shirt keeps it from being formal, but it’s still nicely smart. You might want to add some tights if you were planning on wearing this in the current weather, though!

Skirt: Primark. Pearls: local craft fair.

Look Number Three: Library Day


Yes, I know I title most of these ‘library outfit’, but you do realise I spend most of my time in the library? Here I’ve paired the shirt with a contrasting mini skirt, which keeps the look slightly more feminine, and added big earrings to balance the poof of the skirt. Tucking in the ends of the shirt is a bit smarter than leaving them hanging out (gosh, who knew your teachers were right) or tying them in a knot, but any of those options would work well. I don’t know why I look so angry in this photo, but it’s the best one of the outfit itself!

Skirt: H&M (last year). Tights: Primark (Super Cosy). Earrings: eBay.

Certainly all three of these would seamlessly fit into my wardrobe, so I’m definitely planning to make more of an effort with this shirt in the near future! And hopefully it’s helped anyone else who needed ideas of what to wear with a men’s shirt. Which is your favourite look? I think I like the second one best…

Asha x


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