Lush Valentine’s Day Haul Part One <3


So, since it’s stopped being Christmas at Lush, it must be time for Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure about their calendar-keeping, but I am pleased to see another new collection from Lush already.

I picked up two items from the new range (there are six in total), and also snuck in a sneaky Lord of Misrule bath bomb. If you didn’t know this, then I’m pleased to tell you that Lord of Misrule is sticking around at least until Valentine’s Day, and probably further on. It must have been successful! It’s a lovely big green bath bomb which magically turns your water deep, deep pink and has a rich spicy scent. It’s perfect for cold rainy nights in.

So, this year’s Valentine’s collection is unashamedly pink and sweet, with an 80s pop theme:

  • Neon Love soap – bergamot, rosewood, figs and passion fruit – £4.25 /100g
  • Prince Charming shower gel – grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium – £4.65 /100g
  • Close to You massage bar – squishable bar with Creamy Candy fragrance – £5.50
  • Tender is the Night massage bar – regular bar with vanilla and jasmine – £6.50
  • Love Locket bath bomb – jasmine and neroli – £6.95
  • The Kiss lip gloss-balm – jasmine and mandarin – £5.75

As you can see, I only picked up two of these items to start with, because my bank account started to complain! I think this is a very expensive collection, and I’m disappointed with the lack of variety (so much jasmine!). I do really like what I bought though!


Prince Charming shower gel is the star of the collection here.

With marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice, Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset, leaving your skin silky soft and smelling lovely – the fragrance is made using a beautiful blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils.

This smells like a sexy, grown up version of Happy Hippy, Lush’s permanent grapefruit shower gel. Prince Charming is mellowed out with the vanilla and the sandalwood, and has more than a whiff of posh liqueur chocolates about it, but the grapefruit note is quite noticeable, and adds a bit of zing to stop this being too overpoweringly soft.

Neon Love soap is a very pretty soap, but it’s not a patch on last year’s rose-scented Willow Pattern, which is very sad.

This is a unique soap with an uplifting, fruity fragrance. Bergamot and rosewood work together to create a rich scent, whilst fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt nourish and soften the skin.

Sorry Lush, you’re wrong. This is a rhubarb and custard scented soap. There’s no complexity to the fragrance, it’s just sweets. I love it! The slight tartness of rhubarb and custards has been captured perfectly. The soap has cute white hearts inserted all the way through it, so no slice can be dull, and the whole soap is so pretty – I normally like to use my own photos on here, but I have to show you what this soap looks like before it’s been cut! How cute?

If I have one complaint about the Valentine’s collection, it’s that it’s overpriced. I don’t care if a bath bomb is so big I can ostensibly use it three times, I think £7 is too much to pay for what’s effectively a bit of colouring, glitter and scent. Lush has really priced themselves out of the pocket money, impulse buy market with that little bit of ingenuity. Why not smaller and cheaper? Cinders is always a huge hit at Christmas, and it’s one of the smallest, cheapest bath bombs they do. I will probably buy one Love Locket for research’s sake, but they really are taking the mickey with the price. Tender is the Night is also one of the most expensive massage bars, but at least they last a good long while!

Have you tried any of the Valentine’s range from Lush? What do you think?

Asha x


33 thoughts on “Lush Valentine’s Day Haul Part One <3

  1. I agree that the bath bomb is pricey but it’s not the most expensive one as they’ve done the giant egg immaculate eggception for two years running now so they must be popular. And tender is the night is the same price as therapy. But my favourite is close to you as it smells just like rock star and creamy candy!! I’m not keen on the soap but love Prince Charming and totally agree about the scent xx

    • Even if they’ve done it before, I still think it’s outrageous for what they market as an impulse buy… And Therapy is one of the most expensive massage bars – don’t get me wrong, I do think they’re worth it, just pointing out there’s not too much at a lower price point, which is a little sad! It’s all good stuff, just not as well balanced as the Christmas or even last year’s Easter range…Prince Charming is really lovely 🙂

    • The marketing calendar is a bit crazy, I think! 😛 The shower gel and the soap are at the lower end of the Lush price range (although those *are* expensive anyway), so it might not be too bad?

  2. Loved this post! I agree that lush is really quite expensive but they have some amazing products! I just try to avoid going in just so I’m not tempted to spend!

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