Lush Valentine’s Day Haul Part Two <3

Did you see Part One, where I reviewed the Neon Love soap and Prince Charming shower gel? Well, I couldn’t help going back to Lush to pick up a couple more items from the Valentine’s Day Lush products…


So I came home with the Love Locket bath bomb and the Tender is the Night massage bar. As I mentioned in my last post, I think these are both pretty pricey (£6.95 and £6.50 respectively), but if that doesn’t put you off, then you should really enjoy these two sweet, girly products.


Tender is the Night massage bar is a regular sized oval bar, about the same size as Therapy, with a little pink flower on the front. The fragrance is a repeat of last year’s squishable massage bar, but in the normal, non-squishy-centred format. It’s a vanilla and jasmine scent with a tiny hint of ylang ylang – very very similar to last Christmas’s Midnight Massage, but perhaps a little lighter and softer (which is great, because Midnight Massage was my favourite!). Tender is the Night is going to be joining the permanent Lush range, which is really great for floral-lovers.


This big beauty is the Love Locket bath bomb, which is a three-part bath bomb in the vein of Secret Santa and the Immaculate Eggception (you crack it open to reveal a smaller bath bomb inside). This is an enormous bath bomb, as big as my whole hand, and it’s definitely worth using it in three parts rather than all at once. Here’s what it looks like cracked open:


(How to crack it: score along the side seam with a serrated knife, then give it a tap. It should crack neatly in half, although do it somewhere where it’s easy to clear up, there’s a lot of dust!)

The main scent here is jasmine again, but it’s tempered with neroli and a bit of musk that makes this quite a dark jasmine. It’s one of the products in my stash I would accuse of ‘just smelling like Lush’ – there’s nothing too unique, it’s just a very strong girly scent. I love the concept, but this doesn’t thrill me the way that I’d like it to…


And lastly, just ’cause it was super pretty, here is one side mixed with the Penguin bubble bar, for the most beautiful lilac bath I’ve ever seen!

So, I’m sad to say it, but I’m a little bit disappointed with the Valentine’s Day range. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very nice, and I’m enjoying using it, but I’m not desperately in love with it the way I was with the Christmas and Halloween ranges. What do you think? Are you tempted?

Asha x


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