Three Ways to Wear a Men’s Shirt

So, long story short, I borrowed a J Crew shirt from a male friend for a play, and fell in love with it. He was kind enough to get one for me when he next went to America, and since then… I’ve not really worn it as much as I thought I would. My style, as you might have guessed, is quite girly, and I tend to keep my silhouette quite fitted.

Since I’m on a mission to love everything in my wardrobe, I thought I’d experiment with how to wear a mens’ shirt!

Look Number One: Casual Hang-out

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Review: Bomb Cosmetics Soaps

Well aren’t these the prettiest little soaps you’ve ever seen? I think they might even top Lush in terms of each slice being gorgeous in its own right – Lush wheels are beautiful, but I always seem to come away with really boring looking chunks from the spaces between the details. What Bomb Cosmetics has got going on is that each slice looks almost identical, all the way down the bar – still handmade, but with a bit more attention to detail.

Boyfriend and I recently discovered a hidden-away stand of Bomb Cosmetics soaps and bath bombs in a local shop. I wasn’t too fussed by the bath bombs, but was amazed by the colourful display of soaps, and fell completely in love when I started to smell them. There is such a wide array of amazing sweet and fruity scents – none of them are particularly complex, and I’m not sure that there were any warmer or spicier scents, but for something lighter and summery, I’d definitely recommend the brand. So I was thrilled to find a few soap slices in my stocking this Christmas… Want to see?

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Review: & Other Stories Blush in Applebloom Pink

This is a product I’ve had for a long while, but I never got around to reviewing it. It would be too much of a shame not to show it to you, because it’s simply one of the prettiest things in my make up bag!

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Tally Ho! New Shoes from Office

I go through ballet pumps like nobody’s business. After a couple of months, every pair I buy ends up loose at the back, scuffed at the front, and basically hardly even shoe-shaped. So I always buy very cheap pairs – less than £10, if I can get away with it – then I wear them into the ground, and chuck them, rinse and repeat. BUT. The Office sale has given me the opportunity to try to break the cycle.


These beautiful shoes – the Tally Ho, in burgundy suede – are all real leather and suede, and were originally £55. For that price, I’m expecting quality! In the sale, they were only £25, so I couldn’t resist getting them. They feel really sturdy and comfortable, much better than paper-thin Primark or Tesco shoes, so I’m hoping that they’re going to last a long time. They’re also so beautiful I won’t be able to help taking better care of them!


I’m a bit of a sucker for burgundy and black together, especially when they’re combined with leather (hmm, Asha, is that anything to do with your love of Farscape?), so this autumn/winter’s trends have suited me very much – ooh, and hold onto your hats for another clothing item along these lines, hopefully up on the blog soon!

Anyway, focusing on these shows for now; I love the patent toe caps, which make them look extra smart, and I’m pleased that they aren’t too low cut at the front. I can’t bear shoes with too much of my toes showing, but these ones are at an acceptable height. Of course suede’s not the most practical material, especially in the torrential rain we’re having in England at the moment, but when the weather dries up a bit, I can see these being my favourite flats. 


If you like the look of these, there are a few pairs left online – and grr, they’ve gone even cheaper in the sale! You’ll have to be quick, though, the Office sale is a very fast-moving beast…

Asha x

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Review: Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Set


So, the final review of my Urban Decay haul, and it’s a goodun. This is the Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 set, which has eight full-size 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils and a Grindhouse sharpener. Exclusive to House of Fraser, and retailing at £40, this is a set that you really can’t afford to miss, if you love these pencils (doing the maths – these pencils normally cost £14 each, so eight would cost £112. For £40 the set, they cost £5 each. Cheaper than the high street.) Continue reading

Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Double Ended 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil (Perversion and Pistol)


Amidst all the excitement over the new Naked 3 palette, I haven’t seen too much hype for the newest additions to the Urban Decay Naked range: the double ended 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils.

There’s one to match each Naked palette:

  • Naked 1 has Zero (black) and Whiskey (dark brown matte)
  • Naked 2 has Perversion (blackest black) and Pistol (gunmetal/mushroom brown shimmer)
  • Naked 3 has Darkside (purpley-brown shimmer) and Blackheart (black with dark pink glitter)
  • Naked Basics has Venus (pale peach shimmer) and Crave (brown-black matte).

The Naked 2 pencil made its way into my Christmas stocking this year, and although I don’t own the original Naked 2 palette, that doesn’t stop me loving this fantastic pencil!


You can never go wrong with a black eyeliner from Urban Decay, and Perversion is black black black. None of this greyed-out business here. And what’s even better is that it stays absolutely put, unlike many creamy black eyeliners I’ve known. Pistol is a really interesting brown-grey-taupe colour, with a hint of bronze in some lights, and mushroom in others. It has a fairly subtle shimmer, which should add a bit of interest to a neutral eye – I think it’ll be great to pair with Smog, a coppery-brown, for a graduated line.


Tiny little swatches! You can get a really good line with these, when they’re sharp! But they also blend out nice and thick, as the Pistol swatch shows – they do a great job of keeping their opacity, even when smudged.

The best part about this eyeliner duo? It’s only £12. Sure, each colour is half the size of a full Urban Decay pencil, but let’s be honest, it’s quite difficult to finish an eyeliner anyway! So two colours for less than the normal price of one (£14)? I’m sold! Next time a bit of money’s burning a hole in my pocket, I’m going back for the Naked 3 pencil, at the very least. I’ll probably pick mine up from Debenhams, ’cause that’s what we’ve got in Oxford, but it’s also worth checking House of Fraser, and elsewhere on the internet – try LookFantastic.

Asha x