Birthday Wishlist!

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Well, the 1st of April means it’s my birthday month! Here are some bits and bobs I’d love to find all wrapped up for me (if I were a very lucky girl!)… Clockwise from left:

Long Tall Sally Pyjamas, £26 – I love Long Tall Sally pyjamas, because I find that most normal pyjama bottoms will finish around mid-calf on me (as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not that tall at 5’7, but I appear to be mostly leg). These pretty blue floral ones would be lovely for summer!
Emmy Twenty Danson shoes in Teal, £60 – These gorgeous real leather flats are the perfect shade of teal to replace my long-lost favourite shoes. They’re a little pricey for my normal budget, but look so worth it, and even better, £5 from the sale of every pair of these will go to Ovarian Cancer Awareness. So they’re pretty AND they make you feel good!
Jo Malone Wisteria and Violet Cologne, £82/100ml – now this one is total wishful thinking, but I really love this scent from Jo Malone. I’d have a hard time picking one in real life, though, there are so many that I like! For the sake of the collage, I picked only based on shallowness – how gorgeous is that ombre bottle?
Estrella Bartlett Wildflower Bracelet, £14.99 – I see these in my local Aspire Style all the time, and I think they are so cute! A gorgeous subtle nod to daisy chains, perfect for summer.
A England polish in Guinevere, £9 (£6 until 4th April) – this is THE perfect lilac polish. I’ve already gone through one bottle of it, I just can’t stop reaching for it and now it’s run out! A England polishes are amazing, especially their pastel mattes (although their holos are also to die for)…
Feel Good Formulas Bergamot and Ginger shower gel, £8.50/300ml – Yes, I know I go on about this all the time but it really is a truly lovely shower gel. I’ve liberated it twice from hotels, and I’m in love!
What’s on your wishlist currently?
Asha x

17 thoughts on “Birthday Wishlist!

  1. Wisteria and violet is a lovely one – I managed to snag a sample in Harrods and am rationing it! Love Jo Malone in general 🙂 and ooh LTS, I love, pjama makers just forget about tall people!

    Katy xx

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