Dainty Jewellery Wishlist

Dainty Jewellery Wishlist
I’m really loving teeny-tiny dainty jewellery at the moment – I think it’s so elegant. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my statement pieces, but some days you just want something sweet and delicate!

Clockwise from top left:
Rose Gold and Amethyst crystal bangle from Black Tied, £17 – This is such a classic, delicate bracelet! I think it’s very understated, but would add a touch of elegance to a simple outfit.
Starlight Starbright charm necklace from The Magpie’s Daughter on Etsy, £11.09  – This shop is one of my Etsy favourites. Simple, pretty jewellery, all handmade.
Fire Opal bracelet from Dolly Bow Bow, £8 – this is quite similar to the Black Tied bangle, but I just love the colours of opal!
Crown ring from BK and Jio on Etsy, £10.48 – I’ve been wanting a little crown ring for a while, to stack with my willow-textured ring for a fairytale theme. This one is really cute!
Rose Gold drop earrings from Ollie and Nic, £4.80 – I adore Ollie and Nic’s dainty jewellery. These earrings are currently in the sale, so will probably vanish before I can buy them, but they’re so sweet.
Sterling Silver filigree earrings from Accessorize, £10 – These are so pretty, and I really like the length of Accessorize drop earrings, they just seem to be really flattering.
Pot of Gold metallic swirl earrings from The Magpie’s Daughter on Etsy, £12.33 – Another piece from The Magpie’s Daughter! These are slightly bigger than the other things featured here, but are still really delicate.
Do you favour tiny jewellery, or huge jewellery?

Asha x

8 thoughts on “Dainty Jewellery Wishlist

  1. Beautiful pieces. For some reason I think dainty jewellery is more summery?! Don’t ask me why. Now we just need the weather!

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