Review: Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy



Is it okay to love a product just because it’s utterly beautiful? I mean, look at this little bottle of gorgeousness. Ojon Rare Blend Oil is made up of three different layers of oil which you shake to mix, and then apply. I love the stripes, and I love the peachy colour the blend goes when shaken!

On a less shallow note, this is actually a really useful product. Used sparingly, it tames frizz and gives a sleek look to hair. It works beautifully to define my wavy hair, without making it crispy or greasy, but has enough weight to keep it tamed for a few hours at a time. I use the tiniest little drop (just up-end the bottle onto a finger quickly) and rub it between my palms, then over the lengths of my hair. This has a typically strong Ojon smell, which may not be to everybody’s taste, but it won’t be noticeable after ten minutes, even if you hate it. Personally, I think it’s really nice – it reminds me of being on holiday!

A warning: this stuff is pricey. I was lucky enough to get this little bottle for Christmas, but it retails for £30/45ml or £12/15ml. I have the smaller bottle, and I can see that it really will last an age, but the initial outlay is a little bit daunting! I would say that this is a luxury, rather than a necessity – although it’s gorgeous in appearance and performance, there are plenty of similar oils on the high street market.

Have the stripes won you over?

Asha x



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14 thoughts on “Review: Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy

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