My Fairytale Woodland Jewellery

I’ve had these gorgeous earrings for a little while now, but I’ve never actually worn them in a post. They were made by a friend of mine (who has an Etsy store, Katie and Gabriel, but is currently on hiatus) and I absolutely love the nod to fairytale they add to any outfit: one says “Once upon a time”, and the other “Happily Ever After”. For a huge fairytale nerd like me, these are absolutely perfect! They inspired me to round up a few other fairytale inspired pieces of jewellery to show you how I add a little magic to my everyday life.

This bracelet came from a local craft fair a long time ago, a good ten or eleven years ago, but I still thought it was worth showing to you as I’ve never seen anything like it! It has purple beads which are almost translucent in some lights, but very dark and sparkly in others, and they are strung on wire that looks almost invisible when the bracelet is worn. To me this feels like a very delicate fairy bracelet, almost ethereal.

This cute little fox necklace barely ever comes off my neck in winter time, and was a birthday present from a friend. She picked it up at a local art exhibition, but the artist, Layla Amber, has an Etsy shop here so you can find her work online! The fact that this necklace is made of wood is pretty special, and lends it a very woodland-y feel (you know, besides the fox itself). This is perhaps more of an autumnal piece, but it reminds me of the foxes of folklore, and adds a quirky touch to summer dresses as well as winter jumpers.

And finally, here is my willow ring from Virtue. This is a fairly recent purchase, but I haven’t taken it off since I bought it last term. It’s a beautiful, dainty little ring that has a tree-bark pattern, and I just think it’s magical. I only wear one ring on each hand, and this is the perfect right-hand counterpart to my promise ring (which you can see in my Disney post!), because it’s of a similar thickness. From far away it looks like a plain silver band, but I love the detailing on it, it makes me feel like an elven queen!

So, I suppose the fairytale connections aren’t particularly obvious, but these pieces just remind me of that woodland magic feel of old folk tales. Do you wear anything similar?

Asha x

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