The Battle Of: The Beauty Boxes!


So, I’ve never had a beauty subscription box before, although I’m sure I must be the only blogger not to get the thunk of goodies through the door every month! Luckily for me, the gorgeous people at Birchbox and Glossybox popped their March boxes into the #Oxmeet goody bags, and I got my first taste of the high-end sample world! I’ve decided to battle them out to see which one made its way into my heart (and maybe my budget)… A warning, this is a very long post!

March BirchBox*



So, Birchbox is a subscription box that offers 4 or 5 sample products per month. and a little “lifestyle extra”, for £10 +P&P. The box itself is a simple brown paper box, with a little drawstring bag inside to hold the products. It’s quite basic in terms of design, and I’m not sure what to do with the oddly shaped bag! March’s box was a collaboration with Lulu Guinness, and included this sweet little stick of rock, which was a cute addition:



So, while I munch away, on to products!


Also included was this English Laundry No. 7 for Her perfume sample, which smells good, but is the sort of thing you can pick up for free in Boots, rather than being a luxury sample. Still, I’ve not tried anything from English Laundry before, and I do like this scent, so it’s not all bad! This is a pear and jasmine scent, quite fresh and floral.


I love Benefit Cosmetics products, so I’m excited to try their eyeshadow primer, Stay Don’t Stray, although it’ll have to be very good to top my Holy Grail Urban Decay eye primer!


Another brand I expect great things from is Korres, and this Citrus Little Body Milk, as well as having the most adorable name, smells fantastic – quite a masculine, woody citrus. I’m not often a fan of body lotion, but this seems like a really good moisturising consistency.


The Dr Brandt pores no more pore refiner might well be my favourite product in this box, as it reminds me very much of Benefit Porefessional, which I adore. This is a silky soft mattifying primer that makes my skin feel amazing! It looks quite orange when it comes out of the tube, but blends into my pale skin very nicely.


And finally, we have the Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish. You probably know that I like a really scrubby face scrub, and this is a little bit disappointing – but only a little bit! It’s got good scrubby beads, but they’re just a little too thinly dispersed for my liking. However, this smells amazing. It is so fresh and gorgeous that I’d say it’s worth buying just to put on and smell!

March Glossybox*



Glossybox also offers five products for £10 +P&P a month, but presents itself as slightly higher-end than Birchbox, which shows in the presentation. The sleek pale pink box is gorgeous, as is the black tissue paper wrapping, and swish ribbon – unwrapping this is a very luxurious experience! Unfortunately, this month’s box didn’t wow me at all.


I’m always looking for products to tame my thick, tangly hair, so this Dove 60 Second treatment shot was a welcome addition to the box. However, this is not exactly a high-end product, so it’s not really getting your money’s worth.


I was also disappointed to find these Vita Liberata sachets – partly because I don’t really use fake tan, and partly because I think that two sachets is far too small a sample (especially when the back of the sachet recommends using three) to test a whole-body product! These will be passed on to a tanning friend.


A more positive find now: I really love the smell of this Mitchell and Peach English Growers body cream. It is a truly gorgeous summery sweet countryside smell, and the consistency of the cream itself is very nice.



I was a little dismayed to find that this Sleek Pout Polish was a nude colour (Bare Minimum), but now that I’ve actually tested it, I really like it! This isn’t too pigmented, so it doesn’t cover up my natural lip colour, but just adds a little bit of shine without being sticky.



The Bellapierre Shimmer Powders really remind me of a more grown-up version of the Barry M Dazzle Dust pots. I received Snow Flake, a pretty shimmery white, which will make a really good highlight colour over the top of eyeshadow, or to add a bit of sparkle on a night out. It’s not practical, but it is pretty – and apparently it also functions to add glitter to lipstick, blush, or nail polish, which will be fun to experiment with!

Overall, then, I don’t think either beauty box has quite won my heart entirely, but they’ve certainly intrigued me, and I’ll be keeping an eye on the contents of the next few months’ boxes. I think I prefer the packaging and presentation of the Glossybox, but the products from this month’s Birchbox suit me better. I’m extremely grateful to both Glossybox and Birchbox for providing me with these boxes, and I’m thrilled to have found some things I love in them!

Do you get a monthly beauty subscription box? What do you think? Any recommendations?

Asha x


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Disclaimer: I received a Glossybox and a Birchbox in my #Oxmeet goody bag; this has not influenced my opinion, and all thoughts are entirely my own.


44 thoughts on “The Battle Of: The Beauty Boxes!

  1. The Birchbox seems to definitely be more high-end, if I had to choose one of these boxes, it would been that one. This is the reason why I have never subscribed to one though, because I know there will be things that I don’t like at all, things that aren’t for my skin color, etc. For me, I don’t think it would be worth all the disappointment lol.

  2. I’ve had Glossybox but it’s so hit and miss – you get far to many samples that you could get free over the counter, despite this every now and then you get a cracker of a box and it’s nice having a little surprise in the post that’s not a bill! 😊

  3. I tried Glossybox for a few months but was always pretty disappointed and would only end up using about half of the products! I’ve switched to Birchbox for a few months now and I must say I LOVE it 🙂 They get their product selection just right, and you get a LOT of value for the price! Their themes are also more fun. Really enjoyed this post 🙂

  4. The Birchbox really is ùuch more exciting, anyway I wouldn’t really spend my money on it anyway, I rather spend my money on things (mostly make up ha ha) I know I really want/need 😀

        • Yeah. Normally you’d go into a shop and pick out the things you think you would like, but with a subscription box, you are paying and then hoping to get things that suit you. But I do like the ides of getting a monthly package of goodies! By the way, you are my blogger of the month of April! Your link is on the page of blog. Xx

  5. I don’t have a beauty subscription either but I love reading people’s posts about them. I feel like birchbox was the better of these too, but I think all companies should just stop putting in high street items that you could pick up yourself.

    • Yes, I love the sneak peeks at what people are getting 🙂 And you’re right, I think I feel a bit disappointed ’cause I could have discovered a lot of this myself – higher end samples would be a lot more special!

  6. They look really interesting, and I love the idea of getting a gift box every month… but from the ones ive seen posted on blogs they look very hit and miss. Since I work with cosmetic brands I get a lot of high end samples anyway so it’s probably not worth it unless its brands which dont import locally. Steph x

  7. While the element of surprise is tempting, I (like other commenters!)haven’t committed to a subscription box because I feel like I’m too picky with the stuff I buy (no parabens, not made in China, oil-free), partially because I have hyper-oily skin. I’d rather budget the amount I’d spend on a subscription box and use it for products I know will work for me.

  8. I tried my first Birchbox about a year ago and only got the one. I thought it was great to try new products but found that half of them didn’t apply to me and the other half weren’t ever great enough that I would purchase! I will stick to my free samples at the store and the products I know and love!

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