Outfit of the Day: 20th April

I’m a bit in love with this dress from Ansari… It certainly lends itself to spinning! Every time I wear it I get a ton of compliments – I think it must just flatter my figure, because no other dress I own gets commented on this much. It’s slightly longer than most of my dresses, but the last few inches of the hem are sheer, which gives it a gorgeous floaty feel when you move. The tie around the waist helps to nip the dress into an hourglass shape, which is very flattering. I love the tiny autumn leaf print, so I’ve accessorized with these little red leaf earrings, which I’ve owned since I was about 14.

And the best bit is? This shape comes in so many different colours and prints, new ones every season! It’s already a must have in my wardrobe, and I’m going to need to buy quite a few more to see me through summer – maybe this owl print one? This specific leaf print one is in the sale currently – get it online here

What do you think of this leafy look?

Asha x

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28 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: 20th April

    • Aww, thanks! I normally don’t smile too much in photos ’cause I think my face looks weird when I do, but I couldn’t help it with all the sunshine 😀
      I love that the earrings are slightly transparent, makes them so interesting 🙂

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