New A England Polishes and Sleeping Palace Swatch!

It’s my birthday soon, and to take advantage of the recent A England sale, my mum gave me an early birthday present – new nail polishes from my favourite brand!

I picked out Lady of the Lake, which I’ve had before and used up, Briar Rose, Sleeping Palace, Fated Prince, and Dancing with Nureyev. All of these polishes are truly stunning, and it was so difficult choosing which one to apply first! Today I’ll be showing you Sleeping Palace, then later on, I’ll post about the others – this way, I can keep them all on my fingers as long as I like!

So, Sleeping Palace first. This is a really beautiful darkened purple which leans slightly plum/burgundy, with an amazing range of sparkle! It’s from the Burne-Jones Dream line, which is based on Edward Burne-Jones’ beautiful Pre-Raphaelite pictures of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, so all the colours are very moody and saturated. In lower light, Sleeping Palace is a very muted colour, quite subtle, but still very pretty:

But in direct sunlight, or under a fluorescent light, it sings (as do all A England holos) and you can really see the copper sparkle, as well as all the tones of the purple:

If I have one complaint about A England, it’s that it is nearly impossible to take photographs that capture how beautiful these polishes are in person. When I have one on, I can’t ever seem to stop staring at my hands, they’re that pretty! I adore Sleeping Palace, and think it will be a definite favourite in the autumn (if not all summer).

Has A England captured your heart yet?


Asha x

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11 thoughts on “New A England Polishes and Sleeping Palace Swatch!

  1. I have never heard of this brand before but the colours are to die for! What an excellent post, I will be sure to keep my eyes open for those polishes. Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time out to read it! xxx

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