Review: Mac Rebel Lipstick

A couple of weeks ago, I won Little Bit Soph‘s 500 follower giveaway, and am now the proud owner of MAC Rebel lipstick! I’ve never owned anything from MAC before, so I was really excited to choose one of their lipsticks. As a die-hard bold pink lip lover, it had to be Rebel, which looks terrifyingly purple in the bullet, but is actually a really pretty raspberry pink. Read on for many, many attempts at taking pictures of my own face…

Rebel is a gorgeous, sumptuous dark pink – it reminds me of the very rich pink of peonies! You can vary the depth of the colour by layering it, or by wearing it over lip balm to sheer it out. It’s very blue-based, so it’s fantastic for making teeth look whiter (I’m very paranoid about my teeth being naturally yellow, and this seriously makes them look pearly white), but I do find that it makes my gums look weirdly pale if I grin… So only dignified faces for this lipstick!

It’s a Satin finish, which is apparently ‘quite matte but with a bit of sheen’. I did find that due to the very dark colour, this lipstick does not look good on dry lips, so lip scrub and lip balm is definitely a must! It applies nicely from the bullet, but does have a slight tendency to feather at the edges, probably due to how dark it is. I don’t currently wear lip liner, but I expect it would be easily fixed if I did.

Wear time is okay on me, but not brilliant – around four hours, without eating or drinking. This will stain anything you touch to your lips, even hours after applying it. Unfortunately, that does seem to include my actual lips. When it fades, it leaves the dreaded ring – you can see in the photos above that it never really takes in the middle of my lips, where the texture is smoother. Even when I take it off at night with make up remover, the stain is still quite obvious. I was expecting amazing things due to the cult status of MAC lipstick, and while this is great, it’s not a Holy Grail lipstick formula for me, I don’t think…

I deem Rebel ‘high maintenance’ – but really, that’s what I was expecting with a colour this rich and bold! And it’s worth the maintenance for a colour this amazing. I am so grateful to Soph for her giveaway, so you should definitely go and show her some love, and let me know what you think of this colour!

Asha x

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