The White Company Rose Candle*

So, you know about my love of candles, right? And they don’t come much more sophisticated than candles from The White Company. Their Rose candle is a gorgeous, sleek addition to my decor, with a floral spring scent that instantly makes me smile when I light it.

(Warning, overuse of the word gorgeous may abound in this post!)

Just look how lovely and minimalist the packaging is! How could you not be smitten with such a pretty box, let alone what’s inside it?

Luckily, the inside is just as gorgeous. This is the sort of candle you’d be proud to have front and centre in your space, just to show off how pretty it is.

But, of course, what makes a good candle is not looks, but scent – and the Rose candle does not disappoint on that front either. The main note is rose, of course, but it’s undercut by the sweet lily and exotic jasmine in a floral blend that is actually, very unique, It’s a very sophisticated scent, not sickly at all, and it fills the room with perfume as soon as it’s lit – I only wish that there was a matching perfume, I’d wear it all the time!

Best of all, it only costs £20, which is very reasonable for a candle of this size and quality. I’ll definitely be checking the other White Company candles out next time I have occasion to buy someone a housewarming present!

Asha x

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Disclaimer: I received this candle in my #Oxmeet goody bag, but this hasn’t influenced my review!



14 thoughts on “The White Company Rose Candle*

  1. The packaging looks simply elegant 🙂 It’s not a company that I have seen here in Aus though 😦 I looove rose and jasmine scents so I wish I could have a little sniff…

  2. I love simple yet sophisticated packaging like this! Rose, jasmine and lily sounds heavenly! I’m done with cheapo candles lol the scents are always so underwhelming

    • It’s seriously beautiful, fills up the whole room with scent even unlit! Some cheapy ones are okay – Primark candles are surprisingly good quality, actually… But this is just something else 🙂

  3. It sounds like it’d smell amazing and it sure it aesthetically pleasing!! I love the sophistication and elegance behind the look of it and totally agree that I wouldn’t mind it as a centrepiece too!
    Oh, and the floral scents are perfect for this season – a lovely pick, I must say! 🙂

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